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Friday, January 6, 2012

As We Enter

Right now I am thinking about entrances. What a peculiar topic to think on! But it's something we each do multiple times a day without thought. Perhaps I will become a more grateful person as I reflect upon entrances.

We're entering into the New Year right now. New Year's Resolutions are flying all around us. Most will be broken multiple times by the end of this week and by the end of next week most will be completely disregarded. I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions and most of the few I have made have fallen by the way-side. One commitment that I thought about pursuing this year was a renewed intensity to read my Bible more. Daily. I thought of this shortly after Christmas and wondered why do I need to wait until January 1st? So I started immediately reading more and committing time in the morning and in the evening to reading my Bible as well as to pray for my family every evening in my bed. With every new event in my life, it has been getting harder and harder to set aside time for God. So that's ending now.

That leads to another entrance. Entering into the presence of the Lord is the best entrance of all, in my opinion. And yet it is so quickly set by the way side, forgotten, replace with temporal commitments with little to no lasting value. Taking care of my family is a great thing to do. No one is suggesting or has ever said to me that I should forget about my husband or children. But how much better can I take care of them if my relationship with God is good! Likewise, if my relationship with my husband is good, I will be able to give a better example to my children.

How do I enter the room that my husband is in? Do I think, "There's that old oaf. What can he do for me?" Or do I enter with love? Do I look at him and think of the ways I can serve my brother in the Lord? Do I enter looking for his betterment or for my own personal gain? I am so grateful to God for my husband. He is my dream come true! He's given me the children of my dreams. My life is wonderful. I don't have a bucket list because my dreams have all come true. I have my children; I have my husband; I have my Savior.

When I enter into a mess that my children have made, I do not think what a bother it is. I gladly clean up after them knowing that God has given me a gift. He's given me a responsibility to take care of these precious little people. So when I feel down for not being on top of the laundry or dishes, I remember that there's more to my children's relationships than cleanliness. Most importantly I want them to remember happiness with me. I want them to remember having fun. I want them to remember joy. I don't care if they remember dirty dishes.

When I enter the grocery check-out line, am I annoyed at it's length? Yes. Most definitely. But I also look for a friendly conversation and a way to lighten the mood. Often people comment on how cute the boys are. Yes, they are, thank you.

And they love each other. We enter that into their memory. We speak that "into their lives" - not some sort of incantation that we claim in some erroneous reading of the Scripture, but a gentle reminder to them that they love each other. If we retell the stories of how the have wronged each other, then that's what they will remember. But if we remind them of their kind acts to each other, and if we remind them of their love to each other, then that's what they will remember. If they remember their love, I hope they can forgive and forget their sins to each other much easier than I have been able to with my sisters.

So my children teach my about God. He doesn't remember my sins. He remembers His love. He came, he lead, and he died. He showed me how to live my life for God. And as I enter the new day each time I wake, I need to enter in humility knowing that my next entrance could be into death. I should enter with thanksgiving and with joy. Thankful for Jesus and joyful at his salvation. And that's how I will enter into peace and contentment. If my life is not as I will it to be, then I should enter into the life as God wants it to be, and so my life will be as I want it to be. I want my life to be always entering the will of God.

A year ago today I found out I was pregnant with Micah.

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