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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Felipe's Endeavors

Felipe has been an amazing chef recently. I thought I'd share some of his creations.

I forget what the recipe is for the bread loaves he made. They were delicious!

Then I made some strawberry shortcake. mmmm, yummy!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Room Accommodations

This is probably the nicest room Felipe and I have lived in since we got married. We are renting a room from my parents. We were very grateful for the original room they gave us, but we were a little crammed all three of us in there. They had another room that was my sister, Nina's, junk room where she just left things that she felt had value...things from when she was 6. She's 25 now. She just doesn't know how to throw things away.

So I decided to help her out. Not so that we could move in there, I hadn't thought of that. But so that we could get Caleb's toys out of my mom and dad's living room. They didn't like them there. So one day I decided that enough was enough and I started clearing our Nina's old room. I then moved Caleb's toys into the room. Nina's stuff that was of any value I put in the living room. She came home the next week and went through, finally, throwing away or packing and generally sorting through all her stuff.

She has two of the largest thrash bags I've ever seen in my life filled with stuffed animals that she's collected since she was born. She intends to keep them all...or at least most of them. She told me that she'd sort through them at Thanksgiving time and donate/sell those that aren't of any particular sentimental value. I think that if you can't remember that it exists, then there isn't much sentimentality. All I know is that my mother wouldn't allow me to keep any of my childhood stuffed animals even though I was about to get married and have babies. It would have been nice to give some to Caleb. But who am I kidding? That kid doesn't need any more toys. In fact, I'm going to sell some of his less played-with toys.

The room looks awesome. We have a queen-size bed, which is good since we're sharing it three-ways. We have a dresser and two end tables, a 42" TV that was a gift, and a huge closet that everything we own fits nicely inside of. Everything is neat and organized. In addition to all of that, there's plenty of floor space so we can walk around without tripping or claustrophobia. We have some beautiful pictures hanging on the walls and it is the coolest room in the house - both figuratively and literally. I love being in this room and I don't like leaving this room.

The bathroom is wonderful too. It fits our diaper changing table. No more poopy, stinky diapers in the bedroom!

Here's some pictures:

And this is Caleb watching Yo Gabba Gabba. The first one was after Daddy didn't need Caleb's help any more. The second is just some random day, but it's so cute because he's in a basket!