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Monday, May 23, 2011

Focus on the Family

I received an email from the President the other day. I thought, "Oh my! What is Obama emailing me about?" Obviously it wasn't exactly him, but rather his office on his behalf.

But actually, no. It wasn't that President at all :(

It was from the office of the president of Focus on the Family. HA! Well, I wasn't too disappointed...especially after I read what was written. But first let me tell you that my sonogram photos were courtesy of FoF and I had written them an email saying "thanks, this was the best gift ever" and I included some of the sonogram photos that I had scanned into my computer.

This was the reply:

Dear Lauren:

Thanks so much for your e-mail, accompanied by the sonogram pictures of your son! We were so moved by these images, and we can’t tell you how much it means to know that our donation to the Women’s Pregnancy Center in Arlington enabled you to see your precious baby on the ultrasound screen. That’s such an amazing experience, and we trust the Lord has wonderful things in store for little Micah in the years to come. May His hand of blessing and protection be on you and your son throughout the remainder of your pregnancy and during the birth.

Thanks again for getting in touch, Lauren -- your e-mail brightened our day! If there’s ever some other way we can come alongside your family, we’re counting on you to let us know. Please give little Micah a kiss from his friends at Focus when he arrives! All God’s best to you and yours.

Tammy Masters

Focus on the Family

Put a smile on my face. Not often (or ever) do people do something nice for me and then not expect something in return.

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