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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not Sad Because It Was the Right Thing To Do

I went to Kid-to-Kid yesterday to buy Caleb an outfit for MiYoung's wedding. As soon as I walked in there, I saw the cutest 4 piece casual suit. Perfect! It is grey with shirt, vest, tie, and pants. It is the 12 month size. For $7.99. Perfect! When I got home I showed the outfit to everyone and I noticed that the pants seemed HUGE. I looked at their tag and the pants were size 24 months even though the shirt was 12 months. Then I looked at the tag of the shirt and it clearly says, "3pc" meaning the pants were not supposed to be included.

So there's my dilemma. Do I call? Do I just return them? Do I accept it as a "gift"?

Option 3 was completely out of the question. The least that I was going to do was to call. But it was too late for a call. It's quite the drive to the store for us, and I knew that I didn't feel like making a special trip because the store made a mistake. But since I was right there in the area today I went in and explained what happened. The lady simply said, "Thanks for your honesty." Nothing especially nice came out of it for me.

I love that store and I want them to do well. Nothing came of me returning the pants, but I believe that greed, entitlement, selfishness, and other vileness would have been seeded in my heart if I had not returned them. So it was a benefit of nothing bad happening.

Ever since I noticed the error I kept thinking of the Honest Abe story they told us all when we were in kindergarten. It isn't a Bible story, but a golden oldie nonetheless. Abraham Lincoln is tending a store when he accepts too much money for a lady's purchase. Once he realizes the mistake he runs after her to give the correct change. Lesson learned. Thank you, Mr. President.

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