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Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Baby!

I'm getting more and more excited as Baby M develops toward his/her birth. Our sonogram that will tell us what gender as well as to check everything out is coming up in a few weeks. I can feel the baby kick every once in awhile. And today I made an online registry at Babies-r-us. All these things are adding up to me getting very excited. A couple of times during the making of the registry I got teary-eyed thinking that soon ANOTHER baby is going to join us.

It seems like we have a lot of the things we would need for Baby M. There are just a few big items that we could use. I wish there was a way on the registry to assign importance to each item.

For instance, the Arm's Reach Co-sleeper Bassinet Angelica is number 1 on our list. EDIT: This is no longer even on our list because we're having a boy and I thought this particular bassinet was too feminine. We'd still like an Arm's Reach Co-sleep, just not this one. You can find the correct one here: But even this one we only need if we're still at my parents'. There's another bassinet that we want no matter what because it's mobile and can move from room to room with a battery-operated mobile.
But it only shows up closer to the middle of the page.

So, I guess I'll put the order of need here.

Next, we need an infant car seat. I chose this practically because first, you never want to use a used one. You never know what accidents the seat has been through. Second, Graco is the double stroller we have so I want a Graco seat to be sure that they'll fit each other. Others will fit, but Graco is just as good as any. Third, I like the blanket that covers the feet. And fourth, the bear is adorable and that isn't really necessary but still fun. Edit: Now that we're having a boy, I'd really like the bear car seat.
The next item I registered for 2 of them. This is excessive. I was thinking one for the house and one for the car. I don't think the one in the car would work because there's nothing for it to attach to. I had wanted one for Caleb but we never got one and then he was suddenly crawling and then walking. It's called a Floor Piano and is kicked by the baby in the crib.
Next on the list is this adorable Swing that actually plugs into an electric socket and keeps the mobile going. Caleb loved the Rainforest theme and so I'm hoping that Baby M will too!

We need some new thermometers. Caleb has a set and I'd like a separate set for Baby M. If we get any more babies, I think we'll have to get a nurses station in the house complete with those thermometer covers for each new patient. After going through several with Caleb, Felipe and I decided that we do NOT like the forehead ones. very inaccurate and imprecise. They're good for telling IF there's a fever but not how high it is. So, I prefer the ones with rectal readings; also I prefer electronic.

For feedings I'm going to try to pump more and use bottles. We've misplaced many of our bottles. We've given away several. Besides all this, the kids I baby sat when I was a kid had these bottles that had liners. The milk went into the liner and the liner into the bottle; and the nipples were very different than the ones we have. I thought they weren't made any more. But then I saw them the other day at Target. So I'm registering for them:

Some items that we used and used and used completely up and I thoroughly enjoyed and found very favorable were the BabyGanics cleaning supplies: all-purpose cleaner, hand sanitizer, all-purpose wipes. These were my favorites.

The baby monitor we have is very nice. One time it fell. It's slightly damaged which is annoying. Then there's the mobility issue. If I move from one room to another, there are those moments where the baby is unattended while I unplug, move, and find a new plug. I wish there was a monitor that I could carry with me. And that's when I discovered the upgrade to the one I have!

I'm planning on being less involved with Baby M's sleep. This baby soother will be ideal to help with restlessness. Maybe even Caleb will like it. The video demo at showed a water scene and the picture shows a land scene. I'm hoping for a water scene, but if it soothes, it soothes!

We need a high chair, but I put it lower on the list because it isn't as "fun" as the other items. And really it doesn't even have to be this high chair. I chose this one because it matched the car seat. It's pretty. Any high chair will do.

This jumperoo we had in the nursery at our old church and Caleb LOVED it! We have a "johnny jumper" that hangs from a door way. Caleb would always run into the door jam and hurt himself. So we stopped using it. We actually only used it twice. Both times ended in tears :( This one is much better!

Close to the end of my list is the Baby Bjorn carrier because my other baby wraps are either missing or very tedious to tie on in a hurry. Baby Bjorn goes on in a couple of snaps. This will be very handy with two babies wanting Mommy to carry them. Usually baby #2 seeks more independence from Mommy, so perhaps this won't be a very big issue. Edit: Even better (as found on our registry list) is the hip carrier. You'll still find this one, though.

Something else I'm hoping to get maybe this week is a changing pad for the changing table we just bought at a yard sale. This one even comes with a toy bar. But we may just end up hanging a toy from the ceiling.

That just about rounds it out. I didn't register for any cutesy items because everyone enjoys getting those for babies even if they aren't asked for.

We have plenty of blankets, swaddling blankets, towels and cloths. We could use diapers, of course. I have a diaper bag and don't need another one. We have a couple of newborn toys, but Caleb didn't really like toys when he was little.

Here's the list in order: Baby Registry -with pics above the description and links.

I feel like I should really stress that buying new is NOT necessary. I know that the Baby Bjorn Carrier is being sold at Kid-to-Kid for less than $20. So why buy it new for almost $80? The only item that I will buy new is the car seat. Everything else is just as good used. Especially baby clothing! There are so many adorable outfits at used shops. Also, Amazon has wonderful bargains.

I registered just to let you know what I need. I do not care where any items are long as they weren't stolen - haha.

If there was only one item on this list that I could ask for it is the bassinet.

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