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Monday, April 4, 2011


The past week or so I've been feeling little Baby M kick and swim around. Finally a couple of nights ago Felipe was able to feel too. S/he finally feels really real to me. One thing I really don't like is everyone always touching my belly. I thought about wearing a sign for the last pregnancy that said "don't touch me" and I think I might actually do it for this pregnancy. Yes, there is a living creature in me, but I'm still human and very much appreciate my space. I will not come up to you and rub your belly, or head, or foot, or any other body part and I'd like the same in return. If you ask to feel the baby kicking, do not be surprised if I say "no"...I suppose I should really email this to everyone since no one reads this, especially my family who will be at the wedding. I don't know if they are the "invade your personal space" types, but maybe I just need to be prepared to push a lot of hands away.
18 week old fetus:

I'm still very excited about my cousin's wedding. I have a few younger cousins who I have never met who will be there. Shortly after my cousin gets married my God-parents' son is getting married! He is having a wonderful wedding. But we are sadly not going. I would love to go but being that far along in my pregnancy and it being so far to travel, I did not think it would be comfortable. Then, having gone to my cousin's wedding, Felipe will have taken a lot of time off work. I don't think he could take even more time off.
My cousin and her fiance:
I love my "God-brother" (my parents are his God-parents, too). Sometimes I wish Felipe and I had done what he's doing and only invited 50 guests. Keep it sweet and simple. There were so many people on both sides of the wedding that neither of us knew. It just goes to show that weddings aren't really for the bride and groom but for the mothers and perhaps the fathers of the bride and groom. Felipe and I have gone over this many times that whenever our kids get married, we need to remember to not try to force our wishes on them or manipulate our will into their wedding but instead say, "Here's $$$ much money we've been saving for your wedding. Keep it, spend it, ask for suggestions, or don't. Anything you want us to do, just tell us." That way, if they only want to spend $200 and a used wedding gown, they can keep the rest to use toward a down payment on a house or something. My cousin wouldn't let her parents pay for anything at her wedding because she knew how parents get with saying, "well, it's MY money. We'll do what I want." and so her wedding is going to be just how she wants it.

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