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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So Hot in Winter

I don't have much of an update of any kind. I don't have anything interesting to say or share. Lemme think of sumthin...

We officially joined our new church. This is good but it was weird. We went down front at a certain specified time to say that we'd like to join and the pastor asked the congregation if they wanted us and someone said, "I make a motion to accept." Someone else said, "I second that motion." And then the pastor said, "All in favor say 'amen'"...Everyone else said, "amen." -That's not even the weird part. The weird part was that after that everyone walked down front to say, "welcome" and "congrats for being accepted" and shook our hand or gave a hug. I washed my hands immediately after :/ I've never had anything of this sort happen before. Once I was announced as having joined and after the service ended a few people came up and said "welcome" but nothing on this caliber. The pastor said that this was very old-fashioned Baptist tradition. The church is about 150 years old. The current pastor has been there for...actually I don't know. I think about 10 years.

In other news, I'm hoping to make it to my cousin, Miyoung's, wedding in May. I think I can do it for less than $300 in flight costs for me and Caleb. Be praying for us to be able to go!

Also remember Felipe and his attempts to join the Navy! We're super excited about this prospect and think that he'd be a perfect match for them. They'd be lucky to have him. He takes his MEPS next week sometime.

In Caleb news, I have a couple of funny videos for you via YouTube.

This is Caleb eating an icecream sandwich:

And this one is Caleb playing in the sprinkler in the backyard:

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