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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Poor Baby Caleb

He is sick again. But this is only the third time and the experts say you can expect babies to get sick at least 6x before they turn one! Well, I don't think we'll reach that projected number in the next TWO MONTHS! Can you believe that in just two months and two days Caleb will be one year old? It's amazing. I feel like this time has just flown by. Also, Caleb just advanced so quickly that I feel like I didn't get a newborn for as long as I was supposed to. But maybe the next baby (or the next or the next or...) will be a baby for awhile longer.

Here's Daddy playing peek-a-boo with the "baby" Caleb:

It's fun to think about what grown-up Caleb will be like. Currently, I just can't wait to do pre-scool work with him. But I guess learning to talk should precede that.

For the first anniversary of his birth, we're having a water party. Baby pools for the littlest and water balloons for the older kids and kids-at-heart. I think for the middle of May this will be very good. We also have a little Tootin' Turtle Water Sprinkler that Caleb loves to play with, weather permitting.

Well, it's only an idea right now. It could change. We'll see. And sorry Nina, but we're going to have the party on Saturday, the 14th. Sunday is a very awkward day to plan events since we go to church on Sundays. We'll have another party just for you to say happy birthday to Caleb whenever you get into town.

Speaking of birthdays, mine is next week! My birthday isn't a very big deal. We're not even really celebrating it. I've been wanting to go to the zoo so we decided that we'd go "for my birthday". Then we're going to have a dinner since Nina is in town for Spring Break and call it my "birthday dinner" but really it's just because Nina is in town.

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