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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brush Your Teeth!

Caleb has four little teefies. "Teefies" seem to be the reaction everyone has whenever they see his teeth for the first time. It's always quite entertaining.

Caleb and I have a teeth brushing song with several stanzas. We usually only sing the first 1 or 2 of them though. Once I sang all twelve for him. Each night before we go to sleep, we go to the bathroom and get our toothbrushes and I sing, "When you wake up in the morning and it's a quarter to one, and you want to have a little fun, you brush your teeth..." and Caleb knows what's coming next and opens his mouth and lets me brush his top and bottom teeth.

Then I sing the second stanza and brush my own teeth, but it's difficult to sing with a toothbrush in one's mouth. So, Caleb will take his toothbrush and continue "brushing" his teeth while I finish brushing mine without any more music. I'm very proud of the progress that Caleb's made learning which end goes in his mouth and what object in his mouth we're aiming for. I think he especially enjoys sucking the water off the toothbrush.

Once he grabbed my toothbrush out of it's holder and stuck it right in his mouth. I promptly got myself a new one. I later found my old one under the television...oh Caleb, he's always carrying things to strange, far-off lands. Whenever I lose things nowadays I think to myself, "If I were two feet tall and enjoyed being sneaky, where would I put it?" And I usually find things this way. Caleb makes life fun. I can't believe our friends don't want kids. They don't know what they're missing out on! We're totally winning the kids-race.

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  1. It's kinda cute to see that Caleb is brushing his teeth along with you. It also reminded me of the time when my daughter wouldn't brush her teeth alone. My wife and I had to brush our teeth and her's as well.