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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Having Fun with the Family

Today Felipe had the wonderful idea of having a picnic in the park!
Caleb had so much fun riding in the stroller and playing on the play ground. He was very good. He even asked for cheese balls instead of just crying like he used to do. It's so cute to watch him eat cheese balls. crunch crunch crunch.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Cousin's Wedding!

My cousin is getting married! I love her so much. She is going to be the most beautiful bride ever! I really wanted to go to the wedding but it just didn't seem like it was going to happen. Until my one algebra student told me that she was going to need another class taught and thus paying for my trip to Virginia for the wedding!

I'm so excited because the algebra student is essentially covering the cost for flying and we're getting a discount on the hotel. So the whole week long trip is only going to cost $300 (in addition to the airfare).

In addition to seeing my beautiful cousin get married, I also get to see all my family that I've missed for so long. We also get to go sailing with my aunt! I also get to stay two nights with my maid-of-honor and her new husband and daughter! I also get to see my other maid-of-honor and stay with her super-cool parents at their wonderful home.

One week we will be gone and I'm pretty sure this will be my favorite vacation for awhile! I have the best aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandma! Caleb is going to love being around them all. My mother wants to make Caleb a little suit for the wedding, and if she really does it, it will be just so cute. Felipe will look dashing no matter what he wears. And I have no idea what I'll wear since I'll be 6 months pregnant and nursing :/

All our plane rides have window seats. I was thinking of Caleb when I booked those. I hope and pray that he will enjoy the ride. We have videos and toys. We'll be flying right after his first birthday and I'm sure someone might get him a new toy and we'll keep it hidden until the flight just so he has something new to inspect.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I love my husband so much. Today is my birthday and he is my best birthday present. Everyone was wondering what they could do for me, but I just don't want anything because I have my husband (and now my son, too). Just sitting around playing with Caleb while Felipe plays Halo is a perfect day. And I get that all the time!

So, thanks Felipe, for making me feel like we celebrate my birthday every day! You are the best!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brush Your Teeth!

Caleb has four little teefies. "Teefies" seem to be the reaction everyone has whenever they see his teeth for the first time. It's always quite entertaining.

Caleb and I have a teeth brushing song with several stanzas. We usually only sing the first 1 or 2 of them though. Once I sang all twelve for him. Each night before we go to sleep, we go to the bathroom and get our toothbrushes and I sing, "When you wake up in the morning and it's a quarter to one, and you want to have a little fun, you brush your teeth..." and Caleb knows what's coming next and opens his mouth and lets me brush his top and bottom teeth.

Then I sing the second stanza and brush my own teeth, but it's difficult to sing with a toothbrush in one's mouth. So, Caleb will take his toothbrush and continue "brushing" his teeth while I finish brushing mine without any more music. I'm very proud of the progress that Caleb's made learning which end goes in his mouth and what object in his mouth we're aiming for. I think he especially enjoys sucking the water off the toothbrush.

Once he grabbed my toothbrush out of it's holder and stuck it right in his mouth. I promptly got myself a new one. I later found my old one under the television...oh Caleb, he's always carrying things to strange, far-off lands. Whenever I lose things nowadays I think to myself, "If I were two feet tall and enjoyed being sneaky, where would I put it?" And I usually find things this way. Caleb makes life fun. I can't believe our friends don't want kids. They don't know what they're missing out on! We're totally winning the kids-race.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Caleb Climbing the Couch

So Caleb has been doing a lot of climbing recently.

This is Caleb wanting Daddy to give him a popcorn.

So we put it at the back of the sofa to see if Caleb could get it.

He had some help from a big cushion lying in front of the sofa. But it was so cute to watch him go after the popcorn.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pride and Prejudice

I very much enjoy watching Pride and Prejudice. I like both the BBC version and the Kiera Knightly version. Both offer insight into the character and spirit of the novel and offer something that the other fails to offer.

I just finished watching the BBC production. I don't personally relate to any of the five daughters and I can't see either of my sisters as fitting any of the characters. Nor does my husband fit the character of any of the men in the story. But occasionally Mr. and Mrs. Bennet seemed very familiar...

It took three days to get through but in the end I think it was well worth it. It always reminds me how much I love my husband.

One quote of note came from Mr. Bennet when Elizabeth had just been purposed to by Mr. Darcy. He said that he would not want her to have a marriage where she did not respect her partner. I don't know if he was comparing her to how her mother does not respect her father or the other way around...perhaps both. So I thought of some questions to quiz yourself on if you respect your husband. I did wives to husbands because I am a wife, but perhaps it works for husbands too. You can decide.

1. Are you entitled to service from your spouse?

2. Do you deserve better than your spouse?

3. Do you verbally belittle you spouse in front of others?

4. Do you verbally belittle your spouse in private?

5. Do you openly criticize your spouse's actions?

6. Do you know that your spouse is a buffoon?

7. Do you think your spouse should learn better from his mistakes?

8. Does your spouse act like an idiot daily?

9. Does your spouse always make mistakes that only children make?

10. Are you better at most things than your spouse?

11. While admitting that you're not perfect, do you wish your spouse was a little more adept?

12. Do you get mad at your spouse when he does not do something you asked him to do?

13. Do you get mad at your spouse when he forgets something?

14. Do you get mad at your spouse when he doesn't think of you first and automatically know that you don't like vanilla yogurt?

15. Do you treat your spouse like he's a child?

16. Do you treat your spouse like you have to teach him something?

17. Do you treat your spouse with ridicule and condescension?

I don't think you respect your spouse if you answer yes to any of the above questions. You can have disagreements. You can even have heated arguments. But if you can answer yes to the above questions, you don't respect your spouse. If you suspect that your spouse can only answer yes to the questions, then you probably don't feel respected by her/him.

Without respect, you cannot have a godly, Christian marriage. Sometimes I get so confused by Felipe and that leads to frustration. Felipe has had the same thing happen with me. You could tell when this happens because our conversation seems to go in circle with no progress. But because we respect each other, we know what to do. We do not start belittling and shouting at each other. We do not try to "teach" the other a lesson. We do not try to get a result by manipulation and bullying. We do take a step back. We start the conversation over. We clarify. We take deep breathes. Sometimes I'll say, "I need about an hour break." -it doesn't usually last an hour. But whenever we come back to the conversation the second time it always goes much smoother and things are concluded. I still respect him and he still respects me.

I know that older individuals are incapable of learning or even being open to suggestion from those who are younger than them. Older married couples are often even worse because they have fed off each other for so long they feel they have nothing else to learn. Even without their knowledge they are a model and example to the younger generation. Unfortunately, most older couples I know are an example and model of how to not behave and not treat your spouse and how not to have a happy marriage. And then there are those couples like the Hollabaughs and Phipps from our old church who love and respect each other and don't let a false word fall from their lips. And when such false words are spoken they are quick to repent. And this is why they have good marriages. Because they love and respect their spouses, they seek to out do each other in showing honor.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Poor Baby Caleb

He is sick again. But this is only the third time and the experts say you can expect babies to get sick at least 6x before they turn one! Well, I don't think we'll reach that projected number in the next TWO MONTHS! Can you believe that in just two months and two days Caleb will be one year old? It's amazing. I feel like this time has just flown by. Also, Caleb just advanced so quickly that I feel like I didn't get a newborn for as long as I was supposed to. But maybe the next baby (or the next or the next or...) will be a baby for awhile longer.

Here's Daddy playing peek-a-boo with the "baby" Caleb:

It's fun to think about what grown-up Caleb will be like. Currently, I just can't wait to do pre-scool work with him. But I guess learning to talk should precede that.

For the first anniversary of his birth, we're having a water party. Baby pools for the littlest and water balloons for the older kids and kids-at-heart. I think for the middle of May this will be very good. We also have a little Tootin' Turtle Water Sprinkler that Caleb loves to play with, weather permitting.

Well, it's only an idea right now. It could change. We'll see. And sorry Nina, but we're going to have the party on Saturday, the 14th. Sunday is a very awkward day to plan events since we go to church on Sundays. We'll have another party just for you to say happy birthday to Caleb whenever you get into town.

Speaking of birthdays, mine is next week! My birthday isn't a very big deal. We're not even really celebrating it. I've been wanting to go to the zoo so we decided that we'd go "for my birthday". Then we're going to have a dinner since Nina is in town for Spring Break and call it my "birthday dinner" but really it's just because Nina is in town.

My Wonderful Husband

Some women I know are not married to wonderful husbands. Many of my friends have very wonderful husbands. My husband is very wonderful and does an excellent job at loving his wife as Christ loved the Church. He sacrifices for me and took a job with good health benefits just so we would be able to afford another baby, if God sent us one...and he did. He is steadily pursuing another job and has drastically changed his eating habits and exercise regiment just to be better qualified for the job. And these changes are not temporary; he plans to live by this new lifestyle. If he were single, he could do any old job, take any old vacation, do any old thing he pleased. But because he chose to marry me and have children with me, he is choosing to provide for us the way Christ would have him.

Many of you might read this and think, "Of course, he would do that. What kind of a man would not do such things?" And there are many little boys masquerading as men that would go after a woman, give her a baby, and then leave her to continue in his selfish lifestyle of bachelorhood. Many people do not see anything wrong with this - both men and women see nothing at all wrong with this and they continue to live in their unhealthy, hedonistic lifestyle where they always put number 1, themselves, first...even first before their newborn children.

Even in our middle-to-upperclass circle of society, we have many little boys masquerading as men who do a good job at financially providing for their families. But spousal abuses are rampant, whether those abuses be physical, emotional, or vocal. It's sickening to see 40, 50, 60 -year old men treat their wives as if they were incompetent dogs.

But what about those men who do not behave this way? There are women who behave this way. Shame on them. And shame on their husbands for allow such disrespect and cruelty to abide in their homes. An abusive husband is bad, but so is the passive husband who never lovingly corrects his wife. This breaks my heart. When a Christian women decides that her husband is a buffoon, incapable of the simplest tasks, she disrespects him. When he does not speak up and tell her that her actions emasculate and do not honor him nor God, he fails to love her. He has chosen the easy way out.

Felipe has neither this aggressive behavior nor this passive behavior. Instead when I say something wrong, he points it out, without humiliating me and without hurting my feelings. I can say the same to him if he hurts my feelings. He also does not attack me when I do something wrong. He does not blame me for things not within my control. Nor do I do so to him. When I get upset with him, he is quick to love me by humbly correcting my perspective.

Most recently I was reminded how upset I was about trusting certain people with details of our wedding, nearly two years ago now. Why did they claim that they could take care of these things and offer to do them when they very clearly had no knowledge of these fields? I don't know. But Felipe reminds me that he loves me and he hopes that I would marry him despite of ugly flowers or ruined meals. He simply asks, "Did you marry me for a wedding or for a marriage?" And he does not only say, "Get over it." Although that was said, it was followed by helpful words of encouragement that remind me that no party of this size is going to be perfect.

He doesn't get mad at me. He doesn't yell at me. He doesn't force me to do what he wants to do. He talks to me gently. He listens to me and give heed to what I have to say. He doesn't treat me like I'm stupid. I love him and I respect him. I listen to him and follow his lead. I let him take charge of the family and do whatever I can so that he doesn't have to feel a burden from me and the baby.

He does hurt my feelings some times. Once he said something that inadvertently hurt my feelings. Once we were alone, I calmly, without raising my voice, explained that that specific scenario hurt my feelings and I wanted to let him know because I knew that he would not want to do anything that caused me pain. To which he replied, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know." And I said, "I forgive you. I just wanted to let you know." To my mind this is a much better way of handling this type of situation rather than raising my voice, screaming at how DARE he do something to belittle me in front of another human being!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would have put up his defenses, hurt his feelings, and make me look like an idiot. This is a childish way to bully someone into submission. Whether or not you get a result that you wish, it is done out of fear and loathing not out of love and respect. A marriage based on Christ is a marriage founded on love and respect. Felipe and I have no room here for disrespect and hate. He is my favorite person in the world and I would hate to do anything that would damage who he is.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So Hot in Winter

I don't have much of an update of any kind. I don't have anything interesting to say or share. Lemme think of sumthin...

We officially joined our new church. This is good but it was weird. We went down front at a certain specified time to say that we'd like to join and the pastor asked the congregation if they wanted us and someone said, "I make a motion to accept." Someone else said, "I second that motion." And then the pastor said, "All in favor say 'amen'"...Everyone else said, "amen." -That's not even the weird part. The weird part was that after that everyone walked down front to say, "welcome" and "congrats for being accepted" and shook our hand or gave a hug. I washed my hands immediately after :/ I've never had anything of this sort happen before. Once I was announced as having joined and after the service ended a few people came up and said "welcome" but nothing on this caliber. The pastor said that this was very old-fashioned Baptist tradition. The church is about 150 years old. The current pastor has been there for...actually I don't know. I think about 10 years.

In other news, I'm hoping to make it to my cousin, Miyoung's, wedding in May. I think I can do it for less than $300 in flight costs for me and Caleb. Be praying for us to be able to go!

Also remember Felipe and his attempts to join the Navy! We're super excited about this prospect and think that he'd be a perfect match for them. They'd be lucky to have him. He takes his MEPS next week sometime.

In Caleb news, I have a couple of funny videos for you via YouTube.

This is Caleb eating an icecream sandwich:

And this one is Caleb playing in the sprinkler in the backyard: