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Monday, February 14, 2011

This Past Weekend and Valentine's Day

This past weekend I was feeling really discouraged about Felipe's job hunt. Hopefully, he'll be off at OCS soon though.

While I was feeling so low, Felipe decided I just needed to get out of the house. Whenever I'm feeling so sad he likes to buy me something to try to cheer me up. This is the perfect time for a wife to take advantage of her husband's giving nature and get whatever crazy thing she's been wanting. Well, I did not take advantage of my husband and only let him buy me ONE shirt. It is beautiful:

At church and at our obgyn's office there are those children's play kitchen sets. At each location, Caleb has loved to play with them - there's so many knobs and buttons. I was really hoping to get one for Caleb whenever we came into some money. But on the way home from the mall we saw one on the side of the road with a "free" sign on it! So now we have one and we didn't even need to wait!
The stove even lights up and makes noises. Caleb loves it!

Then later that same day we sold our Vue for $5000! We sold it through craigslist.

And today is St. Valentine's Day. We celebrated this strange holiday with a picnic in the park. Caleb fell and hit his head a couple of times but I think he had fun too anyway. We got a bucket of KFC and ate it by a water fountain.

I wish I had gotten a pic of Felipe and me together but every time I tried the camera would mess up :/ I'll try again later.

This video is really boring:

This video is really funny and short:

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