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Friday, January 21, 2011

Caleb had a Rough Day

Caleb has been walking all over the house. He has way more energy than I do. And luckily, I haven't been getting sick very often.

Since he can walk everywhere, I'll just sit in one place and let him explore with his toys on his own. This morning he discovered daddy's guitar laying out. He plays with daddy's guitar often and I had no problem letting him play with it this time. But suddenly he started crying.

I didn't see anything wrong. No smashed fingers or anything. I picked him up and gave him kisses and figure he was just tired but he wouldn't fall asleep. However just now, 3 hours later, I've discovered some cuts on his right shin. Makes me so sad. Caleb must have cut his shin while attempting to crawl over the guitar neck.

It breaks my heart every time he gets hurt.

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