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Saturday, January 29, 2011


About two months ago Caleb would push one of my hands away when I was helping him walk. He was so excited to be able to walk using only one hand. And now he's walking all over the house unaided and so pleased. I tried helping him using only one hand but he pushed that one away too as if he were saying, "No Mommy, I can do it myself."

Our old doctor said that if we continued night feedings the baby's teeth would never come in and we'd have to have surgery when he was 9 years old and other absurd things. We have a new doctor now. In addition, I decided to continue night feedings, and Caleb's second set of teeth just came in! Score 2 for good parenting and 0 for bad doctor! I tried to take a picture, but Caleb didn't feel like cooperating :/

And finally here's a small tribute to Erin H and the lovely hat she made for Caleb:

So cute! Thanks Erin, we love it!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Caleb had a Rough Day

Caleb has been walking all over the house. He has way more energy than I do. And luckily, I haven't been getting sick very often.

Since he can walk everywhere, I'll just sit in one place and let him explore with his toys on his own. This morning he discovered daddy's guitar laying out. He plays with daddy's guitar often and I had no problem letting him play with it this time. But suddenly he started crying.

I didn't see anything wrong. No smashed fingers or anything. I picked him up and gave him kisses and figure he was just tired but he wouldn't fall asleep. However just now, 3 hours later, I've discovered some cuts on his right shin. Makes me so sad. Caleb must have cut his shin while attempting to crawl over the guitar neck.

It breaks my heart every time he gets hurt.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It has Begun

  • Every episode of Planet Earth narrated by David Attenborough
  • Completely exhausted by 9am
  • Revisiting old meals
  • Bloating and swelling
  • Vivid dreams
  • Sore muscles everywhere
  • Excessive build-up of clutter and lack of clean clothing
That first one I suppose isn't exactly a symptom of pregnancy, but there seems to be a correlation. Also, I had to step down from Nursery at church due to the unpredictability of my morning sickness.
By the way, I'm still breastfeeding Caleb. So you can put away all those old wives' tales about breastfeeding being a natural contraceptive. I think I can be proof that that's a myth.

If you ever want to know what to get a pregnant woman, a gift certificate to a massage is a great idea. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, offer to come over and do laundry or watch the other kiddos - and insist on a specific day so that the pregnant lady will know that you aren't just trying to sound nice but that you are really sincere. Or make her a meal. It's nice to have a meal after the new one arrives, but it's also nice if she plans on eating before then to have a meal now. I wish I would remember this when I'm no longer pregnant. If we ever make some money, I hope to budget some of it toward helping expectant mothers.

The best thing you could do for her is to pray for her. It is so nice to hear someone say, "I've been praying for you." Even if there is no noticeable answer to those prayers yet it is comforting to hear that someone took the time to think of me. It makes me feel loved. And sometimes, a kind word will make all the difference in one's day.

Today is my dad's birthday. He's 55. And he's a grandpa. Happy birthday, dad! I know you're one of three people who read this ;)

I'm really hoping to instill in Caleb the necessity of being a good older brother. An older sibling holds the key to the sibling relationship. Will it be a rivalry or a friendship? If the older sibling decides to protect the younger then they can have a great friendship. But if the older sibling tries to point out how stupid and untalented the younger is then there won't be a friendship; instead this will stir up hostile feelings in the younger and the competition will begin. Friends won't sit and listen to others when they say "oh she's so ugly" but will instead tell those who say such things that a good sibling doesn't listen to that kind of talk about their siblings. When someone threatens the younger sibling, the older will come to their defense and stand up for the character of the younger one. Does the younger one need help with something? The older one will not say, "that's not my problem" unless the older one is not a good older sibling. When the younger is mistreated, the older will handle that situation.

I think my younger sister and I are a good example. I think I've been a good older sibling. I know that I've also been a jerk to her. But when the neighborhood boys were picking on her, I jumped out of a tree, grabbed their water guns and threatened to "tear their heads off." They went running. When another kid took her hoola-hoop and bent it so it couldn't be used, I yelled at that boy and told my parents and let Nina (my sister) play with my hoola-hoop. I never called her stupid even though she was three grades behind me...she was after all, three years younger than me. I encouraged her in ballet and math, and she copied me in majoring in math and pursuing a ballet career. She's my copy-cat. Imitation is the highest form of admiration. More recently, as adults, when she called me crying about how her boss had mistreated her, I called her boss and lectured her for 45 minutes on how you just don't do that to Nina. Who did she think she was that she could do that to Nina? I defended Nina's character. The boss later apologized to Nina and attempted to make things right. Nina still quit though (good for her). I encouraged Nina to pursue God and shared different resources with her. I introduced her in a non-condescending way to popular debates and misunderstandings in Christianity. I always encouraged her to form her own opinion on things and not passively rely on her parents who may or may not be right.

I also, got annoyed with Nina when we were little and she agreed to put on a puppet show with me, but then left me 2 minutes into it to go play with her friends. We had about ten neighborhood kids sitting their waiting for it. And she just left. I also ridiculed her for watching a Baby Animals video. It was so boring. She was 4. She said, "but Lauren, I like it." And then for some reason, I sat and watched the rest of it with her. And I made fun of her for carrying rocks around in her purse when she was 5. She said that she didn't have anything else to put in it. And, finally, I would hide around corners and wait for her and I'd jump out and startle her - my dad taught us that one, and she got me back quite a few times.

She was no angel herself though. Once, she and I along with another friend decided to jump on the bed. Well, guess who got in trouble for that and guess who didn't even get told, "no". That's right, I got in BIG trouble for that, and Nina and the other girl continued to play elsewhere. Then there was the time that Nina and I were playing ball in the house. Nina suddenly didn't know how to bounce the ball straight and she broke my mom's Wise Man, the black one, from the Manger Scene (it was christmastime). Well, Nina just stood there and I tried picking it up but my mom ran in and yelled at me. I tried to explain that it was Nina but she wouldn't listen. She said, "I think I might line up your porcelain dolls and throw a baseball at them." to see how I would like it. We hadn't been playing with a baseball and it wasn't me who had broken her wise man, and Nina certainly didn't speak up. She didn't want her dolls broken.

So in the end, I say Nina and I were typical sisters but Nina had an awesome older sister too who made up for her downfalls. Hopefully, Nina will also copy me in finding a godly man who leads her closer to Christ.

An excellent wife who can find?
She is far more precious than jewels.
Proverbs 31:10

And then, hopefully Caleb and Baby M will want to be good siblings like us too. It'll be Caleb's job to protect Baby M, to teach her/him, to share with her/him, and love her/him. It might not seem fair to Caleb all the time, but that's the responsibility of the oldest. He's older so he'll have to be more mature. He'll also get to experience things first. Baby M will be depending on Caleb to not lie to him about Santa or being adopted or a swimming pool on top of the Washington Monument. I hope Caleb will be the best oldest brother ever.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year!

Here's my family's first picture of the new year:
And for the new year we have a new pregnancy too! I go see the ob-gyn next week :) Baby MM I think will be due beginning of September. My grandmother's birthday is Sept 16 and 100 days from Christmas, so that would be neat if we had MM on that day!

I don't want to sound hostile but we aren't sharing the baby's name that we've already picked out. At least, I'm not sharing because I didn't like having to hear everyone's opinion on our first baby's name. At first it wasn't so bad but after awhile with all the pregnancy hormones it was unpleasant to listen to.

Any advice on how to make Caleb still feel loved is welcomed!!!!

3 Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
the fruit of the womb a reward.
4 Like arrows in the hand of a warrior
are the children of one's youth.
5 Blessed is the man
who fills his quiver with them! Psalm 127:3-5
We hope and pray that Caleb and baby MM will be godly.
15 Did he not make them one, with a portion of the Spirit in their union? And what was the one God seeking? Godly offspring. Malachi 2:15