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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wonder(ful) Husband

I love my husband so much. When I wake up and I don't know what to do that day, I like to think of a way to practically show my husband that I love him.

The first few days of the Love Dare have been really easy and enjoyable. I wasn't expecting it to be so easy...I suspect that it will get harder. I guess I should realize that the people in the movie were having quite a few marital problems and thus are not a good comparison for us.

So far day one was simply "Don't say anything mean." Done. No problem. The closest I think I got to saying something mean was getting nervous about something but not actually saying anything mean during that moment at all. Day Two was "Do Something Nice." Well, that was fun. I tried to be creative and I gave my husband a massage! Day Three was more difficult, so I improvised. Day Three was "Buy something for your spouse." Welllll, I did not do that. First, I have no money. Second, I have no transportation even if I did have money. So instead, I made him a meatloaf! It was yummy! And it definitely got the point across that I was thinking of him all day and that I love him very much!

I thoroughly enjoy being married to Felipe. He's provided so well for our little family.

I really enjoy staying with my parents too while we wait to hear about our job situation (we don't want to sign a lease and have to break it). Being with my parents has enabled me to show them how much I appreciate them and make up for not showing them this when I was a kid. (Kids are stupid and inexperienced. Once you have a kid of your own, your vision suddenly clears.)

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