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Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Blanket!

My mom is a seamstress. She loves to sew and collect things to be sewn one day. And today I found one of her collected items.
It's called a "no sew" project, but it's so so easy that I think it should be called a "no talent" project. I literally cut strips and then tied them together. I didn't do it "correctly" but it still turned out great! -correctly would be to have it perfectly edged, but I preferred the rounded edge and so that's what I did.:
It's just the bear fabric and the yellow backing fabric tied together. That's it. I did it while I watched...HGTV! (Caleb had already gone to sleep.)

And now that I've tricked you into reading my blog, let me share with you something important. Jesus. He's important. I'll be brief. Without Jesus, everything is pointless. But with Jesus in my life, I have a reason to take joy in my husband and my son. I can enjoy life because I know there's a bigger reason than just existence. That bigger reason is to glorify God and enjoy him. And I get to enjoy him not just while I live on Earth but also when I enter the after-life.

Since we're entering the Christmas season, there'll be a lot of inaccurate information concerning Jesus and who he is. There's silly songs, romanticized songs, and religious songs. I love this time of year. I love the songs. I love the decorations. But the most important thing to remember, not just at Christmas but always, is that Jesus was born so that he could show us the way to God. I'll leave you with these thoughts:

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