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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Own Body

Ephesians 5:28 says, "...husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself."

Today's Love Dare spoke about this passage and how as a wife I should love my husband the same way that he is supposed to love me. That same Ephesians chapter talks about wives submitting to their own husbands just as the church is to submit to Christ.

I also listened to a sermon by Matt Chandler today that spoke on the same passage interestingly. He pointed out that women are to be submissive to their husbands because their husbands are supposed to be serving them as Christ served the Church.

Wives, let's remember to love our husbands the way God intended us to love them. They are not our children. Single Ladies, prepare to love your husband by softening your hearts and learning how to be lead. I've seen many mature relationships not fare so well because the wife is constantly emasculating her husband...when I was single I didn't even know what behaviors were found to be emasculating. A lot of the time it is in how things are presented. Find a married woman with a gentle spirit to ask - that's probably the best thing you could do with the key phrase of "gentle spirit" not loud and domineering.

On a lighter note, Caleb's been making some very good attempts at walking! Today he stood up on his own several times and twice he even took a few steps before falling on his bum. This is very exciting! Although, I think I had anticipated him being a little more mature before he could walk. He still has a baby mind but now has a toddler's physical abilities. We're going to have to baby-proof very quickly!

He often walks on his knees:

Here he shows how he can get his toys out all by himself:

And finally, can I share a pet-peeve with you? I was talking to my husband about this today. This is long and is only intended for the eyes of a couple of people - those that I mistreated and those who are currently mistreating others:

Before I moved to Texas I had some acquaintances tell me that I always made them feel stupid. The manner in which they told me made it seem like they were addressing a character flaw. They couldn't say exactly what it was that I was doing; I certainly wasn't saying, "hey you're stupid." And my thought at the time was that maybe they were stupid. Today, I am ashamed of this behavior, and if you're reading this and I treated you in this way, I am very sorry to you.

I've since figured out what they were feeling and not able to articulate. It's a haughty spirit. It's people who say, "well, I know I'm smart." or "I'm smarter than everyone I know." or "It isn't that I'm smart, it's that everyone else is not smart." - Can you believe that people are this prideful? That was me a mere five years ago. If someone today said, "You know we're all very smart people here..." I would have to reply that such statements seldom stir up affections for Christ nor do they reflect the grace that has been bestowed to us and anyone we feel is less gifted. These statements certainly don't stir up affections for fellow mankind. To act as if being smarter is somehow equal to being better shows a void of understanding of what Christ did for us on the cross. I would gladly give up my IQ to be able to enter more freely into Christ's embrace.

So this is my pet peeve - what was once my sin is now the bane of my existence. I have not become dumber, but what has changed is the constant need to be correct. I simply stopped correcting people. I stopped being a "grammar Nazi". I stopped auto-correcting people's misunderstandings even when they were very obviously wrong. Why? Because it is not loving!!! To make other people feel stupid does not draw them toward Christ. What is my primary goal? To draw them toward Christ or to show others how smart I am? Being smart in this instance is a curse. Eventually, my thoughts changed too. I don't even think corrections any more (and it is obvious when you think corrections).

I have found that when I let go of my insecurities I could let go of needing to appear a certain way (ie "smart" albeit annoying and rude) and people generally found me to be more enjoyable to be around. You are not any body's teacher. Stop trying to teach them and simply let them live without fear of being corrected by you. If you don't stop, they'll start stepping on egg shells around you. This is an emasculating behavior for men. These types of women either don't find a husband or have terrible marriages.

This is the end of my rant. I hope it wasn't offensive. I hope that if this bad behavior describes you that you will repent. If this behavior describes how I once treated you, please forgive me.

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