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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Caleb's New "Bed"

Caleb usually sleeps in our bed with us. But sometimes he needs to take a nap when we're not sleeping. We used to let him sleep on the bed with pillows all around him. But recently he has been so active that the pillows haven't been keeping him safe. He hasn't ever fallen except for once when I caught him before he even realized that he was falling! And that was the last straw. So we got him a new "bed":

Why don't we use a crib? We tried. But he hated it, he would cry the instant we started walking toward it, and then he started climbing out of it. And that was an absolutely devastating thought. So we don't use it any more. Caleb very much enjoys his big boy bed. And sometimes I can even snuggle up next to him for nap!

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