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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Last Weekend was Fun and Today I used a Groupon

Last weekend Nina came into town. That was fun. She put up the Christmas tree. I helped her, but I was very distracted with the baby and with making the baby's stocking! The stocking still is not quite finished, but here's a photo of what it looks like currently.

We had a really nice time!

Later Josh came over for dinner and a fire pit. That was great fun too.

I love you guys! Josh was the namesake for our son (Caleb Joshua after Joshua Caleb), btw.

And in other news, I subscribe to Groupon. They sent me a $10 gift certificate that expired TODAY! But recently I haven't really enjoyed the products being offered...until TODAY! Today's Groupon is for Kodak photobooks...which I love! And guess how much it cost? It was $10 for $20 worth of I got it for free!!! Perfect. And you can do it too if you read this in time. And as an extra bonus to me you could use this code ( to give me referral points :)

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