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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Must Mean Yes

This is a funny comic I made about Caleb from some of his photos I took:

Alternatively, you can click this link:

Last Weekend was Fun and Today I used a Groupon

Last weekend Nina came into town. That was fun. She put up the Christmas tree. I helped her, but I was very distracted with the baby and with making the baby's stocking! The stocking still is not quite finished, but here's a photo of what it looks like currently.

We had a really nice time!

Later Josh came over for dinner and a fire pit. That was great fun too.

I love you guys! Josh was the namesake for our son (Caleb Joshua after Joshua Caleb), btw.

And in other news, I subscribe to Groupon. They sent me a $10 gift certificate that expired TODAY! But recently I haven't really enjoyed the products being offered...until TODAY! Today's Groupon is for Kodak photobooks...which I love! And guess how much it cost? It was $10 for $20 worth of I got it for free!!! Perfect. And you can do it too if you read this in time. And as an extra bonus to me you could use this code ( to give me referral points :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Caleb is Learning to Stand

We play a fun game with Caleb. One-Two-Three and we let him stand on his own for however long he can balance. He always lands on his butt with a giggle. This weekend he made some very good strides both figuratively and literally! And now I only have to say, "one, two, three" and he will let go of whatever he's holding onto, sometimes though, he'll just skip the balancing part and sit down real quick with a giggle.

Another fun game we play is the I'm-Going-to-Get-You game. We take turns with who is "getting" whom. I'll help Caleb get Daddy and then Daddy gets Caleb and then we rinse and repeat with Mommy. He loves the game and is catching on to the rules very quickly. Sometimes he'll start playing before Felipe or I even thought of it. It's always cutest when Caleb goes after Grannie Clare or Grandpa John and gets them. The giggles are just too cute.

Here's a pic of Caleb's sleeping position after he was screaming at us for making him sleep in his own bed:
(I moved him to better position right after I took the photo.)

Caleb is doing much better now with his new sleeping arrangements. And we've started giving him more solid food. One observation I made today is that he fully understands what he's allowed to do and what he is not allowed to do. Before today I was never sure if he understood. But there he was moving purposely blockading cushions out of the way so he could go gnaw on the coffee table. I watch for a few seconds and then said in a not-too-serious voice, "What do you think you're doing, Mister?!" Caleb spun around and tried to crawl away from the table and giggled as I went over and put the cushions back. He didn't try again.

Caleb with some solid food:
Caleb has always laughed in his sleep. Since the day he was born, once he fell asleep we would eventually hear the cutest little sleep-giggles. Once he started moving more (and becoming more frustrated) he would sometimes cry too. Now he'll sometimes cry if he's had a bad day. My goal recently has been to be the best mommy ever. I gage how successful I've been at that by how much Caleb giggles in his sleep. Today he had two very full naps and lots of play time! We ran over to the Christmas tree and back to his play area several times (I'm sore), he had air-tossings, alone play times, and many episodes of aforementioned games. And he giggled in his sleep today!

I feel like I have won. Yesterday was no good. And that made today even better!

Here's a fun video of Caleb-cuteness. He's crawling around the kitchen chasing after his shadow:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

He's a Big Boy!

I find that my only time to blog recently is when Caleb is here I go!

This week hasn't been the best week. It started out with Caleb's 6 month wellness check and vaccinations. It was terrible! First, we got to the office early but weren't seen until 30 minutes after our appointment time. Then the new nurse who is still training on the computer system didn't take any of the measurements correctly. This is our pediatrician's third new nurse since Caleb was born...why can't he keep nurses around? Then when our doctor came in to see us he was rather rude. We weren't too offended by this because I figured all these issues were probably related to the new nurse taking time to learn pediatrics.

The poor baby though - four shots! It made me sad. One rather funny part though was when we took Caleb over to the scale. We had to take his diaper off for an accurate reading. And he decided to empty his bladder while he was at it! Daddy went to go get a clean diaper. So Caleb and I walked back to the room...and Caleb completely naked! He was giggling and baby-skipping. It was so cute and he had everyone in the office laughing!

This is Caleb enjoying his singing Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street:

The next night we started moving him to his own bed to sleep. We had been sleeping with him in our bed. (And for all you nay-sayers, we were very careful about making sure he had adequate room and he's always been capable of moving his head away from suffocating.) So, Caleb didn't like it very well at all. We had to go in several times to reassure him that he was safe. And when we finally went to bed he was still whimpering in his sleep. This also made me sad.

But on the plus side, tonight when I put him to bed I put his little stuffed puppy near him. And I saw him take the puppy under his arm on the baby monitor. It was very cute! So I think he'll be able to sleep through the night with his new best buddy.

This is Caleb wearing his pjs from Grandma Bertha:

Though this week wasn't the best, my husband just got home early and told me he doesn't need to work tomorrow! My sister is coming home tomorrow and we're having a friend over for dinner on Saturday. Things always eventually turn around...especially when you remember that Christ died on the cross to take the punishment for our sins and we are now free to live for his glory - this always puts things into perspective.

Caleb got some DVDs in the mail. This is a pic of him watching them:
I put him in the bed because he starts banging on the computer whenever I don't put him in the bed.

Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Recently, I've Been Busy.

I talked to my sister, Nina, on the phone today. We had a nice introduction to a conversation that we coined awhile ago:

Nina: Hi, Lulu
Me: Hi, Nina, how are you?
Nina: I'm good. How are you?
Me: I'm doing good. How are you?
Nina: Oh, you know. Doing good. How 'bout you?
Me: Yea, I'm ok. How are you doing?

And we go back and forth giving variations of the same question and answer for quite some time. We can be quite goofy.

She eventually noted how I'm not on facebook any more and she can't see pics of her nephew as often as she'd like. She also mentioned that I have not updated my blog in awhile...welllll, she's right. But I responded that it was a purposeful decision to either spend time with my son or blog about spending time with my son.

Right now he's asleep in my lap!

Recently we discovered that Caleb loves dogs. Big dogs! Felipe took me out for a special morning date to a very nice bakery in historic downtown Grapevine. We then took a walk with Caleb and wandered into a bookstore where a dog was lounging on the floor. While Felipe and I were looking at various items the owner said her dog would be nice to Caleb. So we placed Caleb next to the dog (and since I don't trust big dogs I stopped what I was doing to pay full attention to this dog with my baby boy.). Caleb loved her! He got so excited and tried to climb her. And when I put him back in the stroller he climbed out to go play with her some more. Unfortunately, Caleb didn't know how to get down other than by gravity. Luckily, I caught him before he hit the floor. No damage done. But then today he climbed up into a standing position with the help of a chair. Our son is a little climber.

Oh, and we bought him a cool hat.