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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Favorite Memory - Miyoung

I love my cousin, Miyoung. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, she's also absolutely fun.

When we were both about 7 years old, she came to visit me and my family in Florida. She came packed with the normal pjs, shorts, shirts, seaweed...wait, that's right. Seaweed. It was dehydrated and laid flat like bread and to serve it she put it in the toaster. It was a bit too salty for me. Also, instead of pouring her cereal she picked it up with her hands from the box and dropped it her bowl. That was weirder than seaweed to 7-year-old-me. But she still remained super cool.

Along the years, she and her mom introduced me to sushi and other Asian cuisine. And one day I hope to go on a cousins tour with her where my little family and her soon-to-be little family go to Korea (where she's done a lot of living, and where her fiance is from).

With the birth of my super-cool, half-Japanese cousin, so was born my love for all things Asian. I just love Korea, Japan, India, Viet Nam, Cambodia, all those wonderful places. And I think it is because of her.

A couple of years ago we were in Virginia Beach and had a lot of fun together again. And then for my wedding she gave me a pair of beautiful earrings that make me think of here every time I wear them! She's the best. I wish you had a super-cool cousin like Miyoung too!

The End.

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