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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Favorite Memory - Gaby

Gaby! It's your turn!

This was a long time ago. Gaby was visiting the states and was still learning how to count. She was living in England at the time and wasn't quite sure about the difference betweens pounds and dollars.

My mother was talking with Gaby about how many dollars Gaby had. "One dollar plus one dollar plus one dollar is how many dollars?" My mother asked. And Gaby said that she didn't know because in England they use pounds. So my mom explained that it didn't matter what you were adding together, it could be blocks, one plus one plus one is always three. Gaby now understood and added, "Except for cheetahs." My mother, perplexed, asked why. "Well because they are just so fast that you can't count them."

Too cute.

I've had lots of fun with Gaby over the years despite her living on another continent most of the time. She's beautiful and fun, and I think she looks like my aunt Kathy.

This is her diva shot:

She could be a super model if she wanted to be. Love you, Gaby!

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