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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Caleb Giggles and Crawls

Caleb has been making progress in crawling and sitting. And he's always giggling!
I think here he's impersonating a lion! "Roar!"

And this is his very second sitting on his own!
He gets very excited whenever he does it.

Caleb giggles over having fun with Daddy and Aunt Kirsten with Grannie Clare in the background. Caleb giggles over any word that has the "EE" sound in it.

Here Caleb "crawls" toward us filming him.

Having Caleb has greatly increased the joy we have in our marriage. I had great fun making shepherds pie and yeast rolls and cookies with Caleb for Daddy. I put Caleb in my baby sling and explained what each step was and Caleb paid surprisingly close attention until he fell asleep! Then when he woke up we drove to get Daddy at work and I had so much fun telling Caleb how lucky we are in having a man who is the head of our household who loves God and takes care of his family. I believe it is very important to sing Felipe's praises in front of Caleb. Too often we've seen in sitcoms and in real life where the wife does not respect her husband. This is sad and does not bring glory to God. I hope to always love and respect my husband so my children can see what a wonderful man he is! This brings glory to God and sets a good example. I love you, Felipe!

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