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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sunday with Felipe

We have some grassy area at church and this past Sunday was such a beautiful day. Felipe loves his son so much so he thought he'd take a walk through the grass:

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Felipe is such a cool dad. He's always having fun with the baby. I feel so lucky to have a husband who is involved with our son. I can see why women go crazy after having kids if they don't have such a supportive and wonderful husband! I'm grateful for God giving me such a great leader for our marriage. Sometimes Felipe even needs to take care of both mommy and baby! And he does!

When we go grocery shopping, we always put Caleb in the cart and then Felipe rides on the cart. Usually I'll run and push too! Such fun!

Felipe does it all. I know my friends have helpful husbands too. So if you're single, do not be dismayed...there are other men who are as wonderful. You just have to wait for him to appear.
Here Felipe demonstrates that Caleb can also be...a hat!

Did you know that your friends were so goofy?

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