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Monday, September 6, 2010

Pad Thai

Recently I felt like some good Thai cuisine. We have a few good Thai restaurants in the area. One night we finally went and took Caleb with us.
My food came out significantly faster than Felipe's food. I got Pad Thai. So good. I don't remember what Felipe got. We both got Thai tea, but we didn't know what that was...unfortunately, we did not like it. But it was very pretty to look at. So pretty to look at in fact, that little Caleb even tried to get in on the drinking fun. At one point he even grabbed a fist of Thai food which we swiftly intercepted.

Growing up we didn't do much experimenting with different cultures. We went to Chinese restaurants as long as they were Americanized. But we never ate at any other Asian places. I'm so grateful for college where I was able to meet so many people of different ancestry.

When I was going to college in Arizona, there were many Lebanese students. When I was going to college in Texas there were a lot of Indian students. I didn't get involved with campus activities in Arizona, but once I was in Texas I joined a Christian organization that did a lot with international students. We even sponsored an International Night each week where we gave away free pizza and played games. We would pick students up from the airport and have them over for dinner and go to their places for dinner! yum!

Praise God for the Asians! I love their food and their fashion! I love their different accents and having to ask them to repeat four times and giggling about still not knowing what they just said.

Later this week Felipe is going to buy me my first salwar kameez! I'll be sure to post picks of the one I choose...this will be very difficult! They are so pretty!

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