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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Favorite Memory - Mike

Today is my favorite memory of Mike, the man who married my aunt Betty, thus making him my uncle.

Mike and Betty formerly lived very close to my family when I was little. Whenever my family would go visit them we'd always go to Red Lobster. I loved that place! And strangely at such a young age I did not like seafood though...they have amazing biscuits.

Well for some reason, probably just because we thought it'd be fun, I went to go stay the weekend with them once all by myself. And it was tons of fun...for me at least.

Mike let me sit on his lap and showed me cool things on his computer. This was back when MS Paint was REALLY COOL. He showed me all kinds of cool designs. And I continually accidentally called him "dad" and I would quickly correct myself, "oops, I mean Mike." Until finally, I decided that it was just not going to stick in
my head that this cool older man was not my dad but my uncle. So I told him in my sweet little 9 year old voice, "I'm just going to call you 'dad' for this weekend so I don't have to keep remembering. ok?" and he said ok and I called him dad several more times. Although sometimes I'd remember who I was talking to.

Anyway, I think it was good that he heard someone calling him "dad" a lot because shortly after that they had their own child, Andrew.

Mike, a self-portrait

And here's a photo of Caleb with Mr. Octopus Prime - a gift from Great Uncle Mike:

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