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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Favorite Memory - Kathleen

Today's Favorite Memory is about Kathy, or Kathleen, if you please.

Kathleen has always been really neat and fun. She's extra cool to me because she always likes to dance. Once when I lived in Arizona she came out for a visit. I knew of a modern dance group that had classes open to the public. It was really cool.

The whole setting was just perfect for a Favorite Memory. We went downtown and had to move a gate to enter a bar, that was closed for business but open to enter. We went up the side stair case to where there was a tiny room with one wall covere
d in a mirror. Some big black guy came in with dreadlocks and a drum. Our dance teacher was a tiny lady. Maybe there was ten people there to take class. We had so much fun!

That same visit Kathleen heard that a famous ballroom instructor was at home near-by. So she scheduled an appointment and my mom and I went with her to her class. That was really cool to watch, but I got an allergic reaction to something and the lady gave me some benadryl. It was still a good memory.

I've given up dancing, but I would revisit a modern class if Kathleen went with me. Hopefully, we'll be moving back that direction soon!

Much love to you, Kathy!
seen here with my rockstar cousins Jody and Colleen

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