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Friday, September 24, 2010

Favorite Memory - Joe(y)

Today I'm sharing my Favorite Memory of my uncle Joey...who now goes by just Joe.

I have a lot of favorite memories of Joe. Once he gave all his nieces necklaces for Christmas. I kept mine for years until it finally broke in Fall of 2008!

He decided to start taking ballroom lessons and later married his partner, Shelly. We love her too. His coolness factor definitely jumped when she entered the picture.

Joe is always saying the funniest things. And once when I was visiting him at his house, he went out back to water his plants. And me, being incredibly goofy, decided to spy on him with some binoculars that were (suspiciously) right next to his window.
I've received a wedding gift as well as a baby gift from "Joe" and Shelly. It's always so fun to thank them and have Joe respond that he didn't even know he had gotten me anything! I think he must have a brainstorming session once a week where he writes down all his greatest random quotes so that when an opportunity arises he can appear spontaneously hilarious.

I'm just teasing, Joe, I know you're genuinely spontaneous. and very funny. and just plain fun.

Shelly and Joey, I mean, Joe

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