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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Favorite Memory - Jody

So for my third memory, we're back in Virginia. I think this was about ten years ago.

My cousin, Jody, my uncle, Kevin, my sister, Kirsten, an
d I all went out to dinner. Kevin's treat! On the way back to meet up with everyone else, we were going to rent a movie to watch. We couldn't decide and each of us took a turn describing what type of movie he or she was in the mood for. But then out of nowhere, Jody says, "I don't care what movie we get as long as it has a lot of sex, drugs, and violence." It must have taken me five whole minutes to stop laughing! She was joking and we eventually decided on something.

This has been a Favorite Memory of mine, starring Jody. Thank you and tune in again when it might be about YOU!
Colleen (Jody's younger sister), Jody - I love you!

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