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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Favorite Memory - Emily

As promised, here's another favorite memory! This one is more recent, summer of '08.

Here's to you, Emily!

My entire family had gathered at Virginia Beach for a family reunion. We all rented a beach house and spent a week going to the beach and baseball games and watching fireworks on July 4th.

The week was extra special for us because our long lost cousins from Italy were able to fly to the states to see us too! I hadn't seen those girls in forever! I barely recognized them except for some pictures I had seen earlier.

This particular memory takes place on the patio of the house. All of the cousins were sitting around playing a game of Taboo. Fun game. I forget what the word was, but the guessing was hysterical. Gaby was describing something that they did not have in Italy. Emily, her younger sister, went on a tirade of "OREOS! MACARONI AND CHEESE! DECENT FOOD!" Unbeknownst to us Americans, apparently there is no macaroni in Italy! And while many of us older people would not include Oreos and Kraft on our list of finer foods, that was all this little Italian wanted! It made for great fun.

Later when I got back to Texas, I sent them a care package to Italy full of Oreos, Kraft, Twizzlers, and other goodies they don't have in Italy. That was fun.

How often do you get it on camera? how lucky!

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