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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Favorite Memory - Bridget

I've decided to try to make each of my family members feel a little special by including them in my blog. and also by writing a note on facebook. The first family member up on my chopping block is BRIDGET!!!! I once had a dream where she made me cookies...I was hoping it was a prophecy, but it wasn't. so sad.

Without further ado:

This is my favorite memory of LITTLE Bridget, back when she was teeny tiny 4 feet tall.

My family and I were at her parents' house in Virginia. She must have been about 9 years old (or maybe she was 13, I don't really know). And she was VERY feisty! For some reason she wanted everyone to call her "Crab"...I thought that was unusual. Well, ins
tead of being a cool older cousin, I decided that I would tease her. relentlessly. I started calling her "crabby" instead. Drove her crazy. It was very fun at the time.

Also around that same time was when she started horse lessons. Colin always teased her of course. He's her brother. He's obligated. Our favorite joke for Bridget, I mean, Crabby, was, "What do you call a horse when he's done racing? GLUE!" It isn't really funny. But again, it drove her crazy.

SO! If you wanted to know why Bridget is currently crazy, it's my fault. and also Colin's fault.

The End.

stay tuned for more Favorite Memories...maybe YOU will be next!
Bridget, Jeremy (another cousin), ME

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