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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Favorite Memory - Mike

Today is my favorite memory of Mike, the man who married my aunt Betty, thus making him my uncle.

Mike and Betty formerly lived very close to my family when I was little. Whenever my family would go visit them we'd always go to Red Lobster. I loved that place! And strangely at such a young age I did not like seafood though...they have amazing biscuits.

Well for some reason, probably just because we thought it'd be fun, I went to go stay the weekend with them once all by myself. And it was tons of fun...for me at least.

Mike let me sit on his lap and showed me cool things on his computer. This was back when MS Paint was REALLY COOL. He showed me all kinds of cool designs. And I continually accidentally called him "dad" and I would quickly correct myself, "oops, I mean Mike." Until finally, I decided that it was just not going to stick in
my head that this cool older man was not my dad but my uncle. So I told him in my sweet little 9 year old voice, "I'm just going to call you 'dad' for this weekend so I don't have to keep remembering. ok?" and he said ok and I called him dad several more times. Although sometimes I'd remember who I was talking to.

Anyway, I think it was good that he heard someone calling him "dad" a lot because shortly after that they had their own child, Andrew.

Mike, a self-portrait

And here's a photo of Caleb with Mr. Octopus Prime - a gift from Great Uncle Mike:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Favorite Memory - Kathleen

Today's Favorite Memory is about Kathy, or Kathleen, if you please.

Kathleen has always been really neat and fun. She's extra cool to me because she always likes to dance. Once when I lived in Arizona she came out for a visit. I knew of a modern dance group that had classes open to the public. It was really cool.

The whole setting was just perfect for a Favorite Memory. We went downtown and had to move a gate to enter a bar, that was closed for business but open to enter. We went up the side stair case to where there was a tiny room with one wall covere
d in a mirror. Some big black guy came in with dreadlocks and a drum. Our dance teacher was a tiny lady. Maybe there was ten people there to take class. We had so much fun!

That same visit Kathleen heard that a famous ballroom instructor was at home near-by. So she scheduled an appointment and my mom and I went with her to her class. That was really cool to watch, but I got an allergic reaction to something and the lady gave me some benadryl. It was still a good memory.

I've given up dancing, but I would revisit a modern class if Kathleen went with me. Hopefully, we'll be moving back that direction soon!

Much love to you, Kathy!
seen here with my rockstar cousins Jody and Colleen

Friday, September 24, 2010

Favorite Memory - Joe(y)

Today I'm sharing my Favorite Memory of my uncle Joey...who now goes by just Joe.

I have a lot of favorite memories of Joe. Once he gave all his nieces necklaces for Christmas. I kept mine for years until it finally broke in Fall of 2008!

He decided to start taking ballroom lessons and later married his partner, Shelly. We love her too. His coolness factor definitely jumped when she entered the picture.

Joe is always saying the funniest things. And once when I was visiting him at his house, he went out back to water his plants. And me, being incredibly goofy, decided to spy on him with some binoculars that were (suspiciously) right next to his window.
I've received a wedding gift as well as a baby gift from "Joe" and Shelly. It's always so fun to thank them and have Joe respond that he didn't even know he had gotten me anything! I think he must have a brainstorming session once a week where he writes down all his greatest random quotes so that when an opportunity arises he can appear spontaneously hilarious.

I'm just teasing, Joe, I know you're genuinely spontaneous. and very funny. and just plain fun.

Shelly and Joey, I mean, Joe

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Favorite Memory - Jody

So for my third memory, we're back in Virginia. I think this was about ten years ago.

My cousin, Jody, my uncle, Kevin, my sister, Kirsten, an
d I all went out to dinner. Kevin's treat! On the way back to meet up with everyone else, we were going to rent a movie to watch. We couldn't decide and each of us took a turn describing what type of movie he or she was in the mood for. But then out of nowhere, Jody says, "I don't care what movie we get as long as it has a lot of sex, drugs, and violence." It must have taken me five whole minutes to stop laughing! She was joking and we eventually decided on something.

This has been a Favorite Memory of mine, starring Jody. Thank you and tune in again when it might be about YOU!
Colleen (Jody's younger sister), Jody - I love you!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Favorite Memory - Emily

As promised, here's another favorite memory! This one is more recent, summer of '08.

Here's to you, Emily!

My entire family had gathered at Virginia Beach for a family reunion. We all rented a beach house and spent a week going to the beach and baseball games and watching fireworks on July 4th.

The week was extra special for us because our long lost cousins from Italy were able to fly to the states to see us too! I hadn't seen those girls in forever! I barely recognized them except for some pictures I had seen earlier.

This particular memory takes place on the patio of the house. All of the cousins were sitting around playing a game of Taboo. Fun game. I forget what the word was, but the guessing was hysterical. Gaby was describing something that they did not have in Italy. Emily, her younger sister, went on a tirade of "OREOS! MACARONI AND CHEESE! DECENT FOOD!" Unbeknownst to us Americans, apparently there is no macaroni in Italy! And while many of us older people would not include Oreos and Kraft on our list of finer foods, that was all this little Italian wanted! It made for great fun.

Later when I got back to Texas, I sent them a care package to Italy full of Oreos, Kraft, Twizzlers, and other goodies they don't have in Italy. That was fun.

How often do you get it on camera? how lucky!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Favorite Memory - Bridget

I've decided to try to make each of my family members feel a little special by including them in my blog. and also by writing a note on facebook. The first family member up on my chopping block is BRIDGET!!!! I once had a dream where she made me cookies...I was hoping it was a prophecy, but it wasn't. so sad.

Without further ado:

This is my favorite memory of LITTLE Bridget, back when she was teeny tiny 4 feet tall.

My family and I were at her parents' house in Virginia. She must have been about 9 years old (or maybe she was 13, I don't really know). And she was VERY feisty! For some reason she wanted everyone to call her "Crab"...I thought that was unusual. Well, ins
tead of being a cool older cousin, I decided that I would tease her. relentlessly. I started calling her "crabby" instead. Drove her crazy. It was very fun at the time.

Also around that same time was when she started horse lessons. Colin always teased her of course. He's her brother. He's obligated. Our favorite joke for Bridget, I mean, Crabby, was, "What do you call a horse when he's done racing? GLUE!" It isn't really funny. But again, it drove her crazy.

SO! If you wanted to know why Bridget is currently crazy, it's my fault. and also Colin's fault.

The End.

stay tuned for more Favorite Memories...maybe YOU will be next!
Bridget, Jeremy (another cousin), ME

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friends Having Babies!

I am always so excited to hear about my friends getting pregnant. I don't care if it's their first or their eighth. Babies are wonderful! And I love getting them presents.

Recently I've discovered diaper cakes. These are decorative cake-looking towers made out of diapers. They can be simple (like what I do) or very elaborate (like what I've seen online). Since I'm just starting out, I do very simple diaper cakes. Maybe once I get very good at it, I will get very elaborate and I will start a business. They are very easy to make. The first one I made took me forever and still didn't turn out so well (sorry Karah. It's the thought that counts, right?) But my second one looks great and only took me about ten minutes:

I think that in the future I will buy some more ribbon and accessories for the cake. What do you think? Give me some ideas...

And in another creative venture, I bought Caleb a Sassy Photo Book:

It holds eight photos. I printed some out but our printer didn't do a very good job. I figure Caleb doesn't care though. He loves pictures of people smiling. I think most babies do. He especially loves slideshows of...himself! These are the pics I chose:

I can't wait to see how he likes it!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Meal!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Caleb has had his first real food meal. It consisted of rice cereal. And he didn't eve finish half of it. But the next day he ate it! And he got it everywhere too! so cute!

Here daddy models the baby and his first meal:

And here we are feeding that meal to him!

He knew exactly what to do when that spoon got close to his mouth. We only need to work on cleanliness. He loves the cereal. We've tried the cereal with milk and with water and the baby seems to like the water version better.

His bib says "My dad is cooler than your dad" - it's probably true, just read my previous post on your goofy Mulford friends!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sunday with Felipe

We have some grassy area at church and this past Sunday was such a beautiful day. Felipe loves his son so much so he thought he'd take a walk through the grass:

GIF animations generator
GIF animations generator

Felipe is such a cool dad. He's always having fun with the baby. I feel so lucky to have a husband who is involved with our son. I can see why women go crazy after having kids if they don't have such a supportive and wonderful husband! I'm grateful for God giving me such a great leader for our marriage. Sometimes Felipe even needs to take care of both mommy and baby! And he does!

When we go grocery shopping, we always put Caleb in the cart and then Felipe rides on the cart. Usually I'll run and push too! Such fun!

Felipe does it all. I know my friends have helpful husbands too. So if you're single, do not be dismayed...there are other men who are as wonderful. You just have to wait for him to appear.
Here Felipe demonstrates that Caleb can also be...a hat!

Did you know that your friends were so goofy?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pad Thai

Recently I felt like some good Thai cuisine. We have a few good Thai restaurants in the area. One night we finally went and took Caleb with us.
My food came out significantly faster than Felipe's food. I got Pad Thai. So good. I don't remember what Felipe got. We both got Thai tea, but we didn't know what that was...unfortunately, we did not like it. But it was very pretty to look at. So pretty to look at in fact, that little Caleb even tried to get in on the drinking fun. At one point he even grabbed a fist of Thai food which we swiftly intercepted.

Growing up we didn't do much experimenting with different cultures. We went to Chinese restaurants as long as they were Americanized. But we never ate at any other Asian places. I'm so grateful for college where I was able to meet so many people of different ancestry.

When I was going to college in Arizona, there were many Lebanese students. When I was going to college in Texas there were a lot of Indian students. I didn't get involved with campus activities in Arizona, but once I was in Texas I joined a Christian organization that did a lot with international students. We even sponsored an International Night each week where we gave away free pizza and played games. We would pick students up from the airport and have them over for dinner and go to their places for dinner! yum!

Praise God for the Asians! I love their food and their fashion! I love their different accents and having to ask them to repeat four times and giggling about still not knowing what they just said.

Later this week Felipe is going to buy me my first salwar kameez! I'll be sure to post picks of the one I choose...this will be very difficult! They are so pretty!