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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trouble with Tribbles...

...and by Tribbles I mean Caleb's belly time. We have tile and hard-wood floors so I feel bad about putting him down on those. But he needs to learn to crawl and lift his head and develop his up body strength.

I've seen so many belly mats like these:
Recently, I discovered these types of mats, which might have been good:

Those come with a good belly pillow. Caleb doesn't like being on his belly for long so I've been looking for ways to make it more fun for him.

This is the belly mat that I thought looked so much fun, and as a bonus, it was only $10:
I like the ducky mat, seen here with Caleb's favorite toys: Mr. Octopus Prime and Orange Rattle Ball. We bought the ball at the same time as the mat from Babies R Us with R Us dollars and 20% discount so that our total bill was around $5 for both together. The ducky mat is inflatable with air and water. The water part is under a plastic see-through piece and has floating little animals in it. Caleb really likes to hit the ducky face...such a boy. He sometimes also hits Mr. Octopus Prime and Orange Rattle Ball together and Felipe says he's making them fight...sigh.

Ducky Mat has greatly increased Caleb's belly time. Success!

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