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Monday, August 16, 2010

A New Pill Box!

I've crossed over. It isn't that scary over here. Sometimes you need to just muster up the courage and take the plunge. Obviously I'm talking about buying a pill box.

I used to think that pill boxes were for really old people in their 40s (just teasing, 40 isn't old). But I've recently discovered their benefits when I gave birth (+ 2 post-partum vitamins) and started breastfeeding (+2 Fenugreek 3x a day =6 pills) and Caleb got thrush (+1 acidophilus). So, every day I'm juggling all the bottles all day long. So my in-laws were kind enough to let me use a pill box that they weren't using:

As you can see, though, there's only 6 spots and all my pills don't fit. Who even makes a weekly pill box with only six slots? After using it for only one day, Felipe and I bought a new one from Target that Caleb so graciously modeled (inset is with the pills easily fitting in!):

(no pills when Caleb is modeling)

So I have stepped over to the pill-box-needing crowd. Like I said, it isn't that scary over here. Who knows? Maybe I'll even start acting my age! Probably not though.

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