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Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Wonderful Husband

I think often in today's American culture women do not take the time to appreciate their husbands. For some reason, men today have been viewed as silly or nuisances or necessary evils even. Maybe it is because of the women's rights movement. Maybe it is something else. All I know is that men have been getting an unfair judgement for the past couple of decades. We can see it on television broadcastings - the dad is always doing something stupid that the all-wise wife will eventually put right in the end. He's seen as lazy, incompetent, and just plain dumb. And while I know many men who fit this description, my husband is not one of them.

It makes me sad to think that a woman would describe her own husband in this way. But I remain hopeful that this description is on its way out as woman from my generation grow up. Of my own friends, very few wives looks disdainfully at their husbands. We've seem to have decided to leave those criticisms with the former generation. Maybe men in our circles have seen the poorly laid examples of previous generations and have decided that they would do things differently. They will do things to God's glory.

I think this is key: doing things to God's glory. Women my age perhaps realize that it is within their power to enable or cripple their husbands.

When you choose to serve your husband, you enable him to lead your family. Then you get this:
And not this:

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