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Friday, August 27, 2010

Sitting Around the Baby Pool

At Felipe and my house we have an in-ground pool in the backyard. Caleb has become accustomed to swimming at least once a day. He usually goes once in the morning with me and again in the evening with grandpa. But the other day we were visiting my parents and they don't have a pool. So I brought along a little baby pool.

It's the kind you have to blow up. And I didn't have a pump. My cheeks were so sore when I finished! ha!

It was a lot of fun to just sit around the pool and chat with everyone. Caleb didn't get his regular swimming routine, but he did get an acceptable substitute! He was happy. Life is good.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


You may recall my original injury to my ACL. I remember being in rehearsal and landing on my butt. I wasn't in pain, except for my ego. My only thought was, "There goes my career." And there it God be the glory! Why do I say that? Because for me, ballet was the bane of my existence, it was the idol keeping me from intimacy with Christ. Being a ballerina made me overly critical of fellow dancers and prideful of my own achievements. Ballet robbed me of affection for Christ whether I was dancing or watching others dance. This may seem ridiculous, and to some extent I'd is quite ridiculous. But know that just as some people don't drink alcohol because of alcoholism, I don't go anywhere near dancing because it is my Achilles heal. [By the way, don't ask to see any videos or pictures because I threw them away or burned them ALL. It was a constant source of consternation.]

I have a beautiful scar from the original surgery. Felipe sometimes strokes it and says how much he loves it because it represents me leaving the ballet company and coming to Texas to meet him. And we lived happily ever after.

So what happened this time? I got pregnant and I think the extra strain on my knee overstretched the ligament.

Not as exciting.

The first surgery was rather invasive and had a long recovery time. The therapists back then were amazed at how quickly I recovered but it was still awhile. This time, the surgery was not as invasive and shouldn't be as long of a recovery. We waited awhile to have the surgery because of how expensive it was going to be. But then, for some reason, I received a couple of calls from the doctors and facility saying that they either dropped the $500 charge completely (as in the case of the facility) or they were only going to only charge $56 (as in the case of my surgeon). I don't know how much the anesthesiologist is going to charge. I already have a knee brace and it looks like I won't need any physical therapy! As of September 1 I will not have any insurance. Hopefully, Felipe will get a better job that has benefits by the time I get pregnant again.

Oh! And one more big difference is that last surgery I just took the drugs the doctor ordered for me. Well, that led to nausea and hallucinations and unpleasant sleep. So this time we didn't go get the rx (short for prescription) . This time all I've taken is acetaminophen (that's Tylenol). And I feel great. It kinda feels like I went for a long jog. As long as I keep it elevated and with ice on it, acetaminophen is fine.

So that's what it's all about. Here's a pic of Caleb giving me a flower from his grandmother's flower pot:

To God be the glory in all things whether "good" or "bad". I've been really sleepy all day. I went into the surgery center at 6:30am. I was scheduled for surgery at 7:30 but at 7:50 I still hadn't been taken back and decided to take a little nap before hand. Well, the next thing I remember is them waking me after they were completely finished! The nurses told me that I just didn't remember waking up in between. After the surgery I was talking incessantly. I was so happy to have had the surgery and I told the nurses that I was going to get the a cookie cake from Great American Cookie Company. And one of the nurses was the same size as me so I'm going to give her my old scrubs. I had been planning on becoming a midwife but then Felipe turned all my plans topsy-turvy. So now I have a perfectly good set of scrubs that was only used once. I'm so happy that I have someone to give them to now. All the nurses were so good to me despite my non-stop chatter...I even told them, "Don't mind me. You do whatever you need to do and I'll just keep talking even if you're not listening." At which, they laughed. It was the medication. Once I saw Felipe he even noted how weird I was acting.

Last piece of good news for this post - all the drugs I took were completely fine for a breastfeeding mom. We tried to get the baby to take the bottle, which he has successfully done hundreds of times, but he just would not do it today. Felipe said the baby kept looking for me the entire time I was in surgery. aw! Isn't that cute?

I'm doing great, but please be praying that I continue to be doing great! I'd really appreciate it :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trouble with Tribbles...

...and by Tribbles I mean Caleb's belly time. We have tile and hard-wood floors so I feel bad about putting him down on those. But he needs to learn to crawl and lift his head and develop his up body strength.

I've seen so many belly mats like these:
Recently, I discovered these types of mats, which might have been good:

Those come with a good belly pillow. Caleb doesn't like being on his belly for long so I've been looking for ways to make it more fun for him.

This is the belly mat that I thought looked so much fun, and as a bonus, it was only $10:
I like the ducky mat, seen here with Caleb's favorite toys: Mr. Octopus Prime and Orange Rattle Ball. We bought the ball at the same time as the mat from Babies R Us with R Us dollars and 20% discount so that our total bill was around $5 for both together. The ducky mat is inflatable with air and water. The water part is under a plastic see-through piece and has floating little animals in it. Caleb really likes to hit the ducky face...such a boy. He sometimes also hits Mr. Octopus Prime and Orange Rattle Ball together and Felipe says he's making them fight...sigh.

Ducky Mat has greatly increased Caleb's belly time. Success!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A New Pill Box!

I've crossed over. It isn't that scary over here. Sometimes you need to just muster up the courage and take the plunge. Obviously I'm talking about buying a pill box.

I used to think that pill boxes were for really old people in their 40s (just teasing, 40 isn't old). But I've recently discovered their benefits when I gave birth (+ 2 post-partum vitamins) and started breastfeeding (+2 Fenugreek 3x a day =6 pills) and Caleb got thrush (+1 acidophilus). So, every day I'm juggling all the bottles all day long. So my in-laws were kind enough to let me use a pill box that they weren't using:

As you can see, though, there's only 6 spots and all my pills don't fit. Who even makes a weekly pill box with only six slots? After using it for only one day, Felipe and I bought a new one from Target that Caleb so graciously modeled (inset is with the pills easily fitting in!):

(no pills when Caleb is modeling)

So I have stepped over to the pill-box-needing crowd. Like I said, it isn't that scary over here. Who knows? Maybe I'll even start acting my age! Probably not though.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Wonderful Husband

I think often in today's American culture women do not take the time to appreciate their husbands. For some reason, men today have been viewed as silly or nuisances or necessary evils even. Maybe it is because of the women's rights movement. Maybe it is something else. All I know is that men have been getting an unfair judgement for the past couple of decades. We can see it on television broadcastings - the dad is always doing something stupid that the all-wise wife will eventually put right in the end. He's seen as lazy, incompetent, and just plain dumb. And while I know many men who fit this description, my husband is not one of them.

It makes me sad to think that a woman would describe her own husband in this way. But I remain hopeful that this description is on its way out as woman from my generation grow up. Of my own friends, very few wives looks disdainfully at their husbands. We've seem to have decided to leave those criticisms with the former generation. Maybe men in our circles have seen the poorly laid examples of previous generations and have decided that they would do things differently. They will do things to God's glory.

I think this is key: doing things to God's glory. Women my age perhaps realize that it is within their power to enable or cripple their husbands.

When you choose to serve your husband, you enable him to lead your family. Then you get this:
And not this: