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Monday, July 12, 2010

Potty Training

Saturday, July 10- Felipe gives me the go-ahead to start potty training via Elimination Communication. We had plans to buy a baby toilet but other things got in the way.

Sunday, July 11- Still in bed, I can tell Caleb is about too pee and poop. So I take him to the toilet, unsure as to how to hold him in place... The second time Caleb needed to pee, he peed (and pooped) in the toilet! We saved one diaper today. And grandma bought him a baby toilet (Safety 1st Comfy Cushy):

Caleb loved the new toilet. He went pee but did not go poop in it:

I think many parents do not know that they can potty train so young. Others believe Freud when he says kids will be scarred for life. Others simply don't want to put the work into it; and yes, it is hard on the parents, but we'll be saving diapers in the long run and no, Caleb will not be scarred for life - look at this smile!
Yay! for potty training and for having such a smart baby! We reward him for doing well by giving him kisses and telling him how proud we are! There is no such thing as not doing well, so there will never be any punishments. It's fine if Caleb goes in his diaper, but it's WONDERFUL if he goes in the toilet. Caleb hates pooping in his diaper and I think that's why he likes the toilet so much. This might not work on our next kid if he/she doesn't mind poops; we'll just have to wait and assess then.

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