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Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Visit to the Doctor!

We recently had Caleb's first visit to the doctor. He got his shots :( Which made me sad...and made him cranky all that day and the next. We gave him some children's ibuprofen which made him feel better (he even stopped nursing to say, "I love you.").

Here he is all strapped in and ready to go:
I tried to prep him on how painful the shots were going to be, but I don't think he understood. The nurse told us that another dad practices with his daughter by poking her with his finger in her thighs. one. two. done. We'll try that next time.

Here we are waiting for the appointment:

Our doctor was reffered to us by some church friends, Jon and Heather, who recently had their first child as well. Jon actually used this pediatrician when he was a child all the way until he was 20!

The doctor gave us a good report on the baby, answered our questions, and told us how to better take care of him! He seems like a good doctor!

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