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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Caleb and I Made a Movie

That's right. Caleb and I made a movie. We have a working title: The Attack of the Eye-ball Snatcher. We're open to suggestions though. Some possible covers for the dvd and theater posters are below-

The basic plot is there's a lady (played by me) who loves a baby (played by Caleb). She thinks she loves him unconditionally, but when he tries to snatch her eye-ball, will her love be enough to overcome his obsession? dun dun DUNNN!!! (press the link. you'll be happy you did.)

The movie is complete with drama, suspense, love, adversity, themes of forgiveness, and a basic family-friendly plot that is safe for your youngest child but still entertaining enough for Christian Bale, who is in pre-production of the next Batman sequel!

So, I highly recommend it. It's going to be a blockbuster. It's perfectly safe for your Family Fun Night:

I know. Good, right? I'm already practicing my acceptance speech for supporting actress. Maybe we can eventually get an interview with Caleb on how it was to make a film with his mother. What it was like to film with me, etc. We do have another version. But this is the original. I like the original better. It's more authentic. The acting is more genuine.

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