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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Baby Pouch

I had on my baby shower registry one of those slings that have since been recalled due to several babies suffocating. The idea of those slings is to keep your little one close while freeing your arms to be able to function. It's a great idea. Often I feel completely incapacitated for an entire day because the baby needs to be held (he's still a newborn so I'm not worried about spoiling him yet).

This led us to purchase this:

Moby Wrap
Caleb and I love it! Caleb gets to be held and I get to accomplish things. But if he spits up on it or pees or once we got sunscreen on it then it's dirty, needs to be washed and is out of commission for a little while. So I wanted a second one. But I didn't want to buy it. So I made it!

This one is a different design but it works just as well.

This is in-process:

And this is the end product:

I don't really enjoy sewing at all. But when I have something that I need, I like to be able to get it done. My mom had this extra fabric laying around, unused, with no plans of being used, so there was no cost involved.

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