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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My husband snores. Sometimes I mind. Sometimes I can sleep through it. In the past I tried poking him to get him to stop snoring but I think this disrupted his sleep cycle and caused him to not get good enough sleep which in turn affected his immune system and he would get sick more often. So, I decided that I was being selfish and I just let him snore now.

Does it bother Caleb at all? Not in the least. That child could sleep through anything. And he loves his daddy.

He loves his daddy so much that he wants to be just like him:

This happens often. It is always so cute.

I urge you, then, be imitators of me. I Corinthians 4:16
Now this verse is out of context and has nothing to do with this post. It's just funny because Caleb imitates Felipe. Felipe and I have even taught Caleb a couple of games. The first one we taught him was a game where we stick our tongues out and back in fast while make a noise. A variation of that is to just hold the tongue out while making the noise or to even move it side to side. Caleb can't quite make the noise, but he is so cute when he imitates our motion! Sometimes, though, he frustrates himself that he can't also make the noise and he starts crying instead. Makes me sad.

Another couple of games we're working on right now is the make an O with your mouth and say "ooooo" which he still can't make the noise, but he gets his mouth in the right shape! And the other game is all Felipe: he taught him how to roll down an incline. It is very cute! He'll be laying there with the pillow slope to his left and he'll just start kicking only his right leg and reaching only his right arm while looking and leaning left. Then he rolls down and Felipe will put him back on top. Then they do it the other direction, which is more difficult for some reason. The last game me taught him is a kissing game. We kiss and move away and make the "mwah" sound. Once again, Caleb does the motion but the noise isn't quite right. But it's still so cute!

These are our special mommy-baby and daddy-baby games.

There is only one another "game" I can recall that Caleb likes to play. He came up with it all on his own and I'm not sure what he likes to call it. Daddy and I call it the My-Name-Is-Caleb-And-I-Like-To-Poop-All-Over-The-Place game. It seems to be rather fun for baby, but requires mommy and daddy to do a lot of cleaning. We have cleaned our sheets three times in the past week. On the plus side, we've discovered that Caleb enjoys the bathtub.


  1. snoring is such an irritating problem... what you say???

  2. If you didn't have a baby I would suggest ear plugs. I use them now that my kids are grown. It's fabulous!