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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Monies and Supplements

My two sisters just got back from a trip overseas. My younger sister asked me if I wanted any of the bills she came back with. She showed it to me:
It looks slightly more real than Canadian money. But it didn't look tamper-proof. So we thought we'd try making a photo-copy to see if the water marks came through or if the small print was still legible like on American bills.
I think they must have some way to tell a counterfeit from the real deal. But to us Americans they looked pretty much the same except for the electric tape down the middle.

And in more interesting news, my midwife said I needed to be taking a pregnancy vitamin. Well, I was taking them when I was pregnant but I threw them up so I stopped. But now I've started again. Here's a run-down on all the supplements I'm taking:

This is supposed to be very beneficial for retina and brain development.

Then there's this other generic multi- vitamin that I take two each day.

To help with lactation, I take Mother's Milk tea and Fenugreek (2 capsules up to 3x a day):

I haven't been eating as well as I was during the pregnancy because we've been moving. But I have been trying to eat salads and healthy foods even though they're not organic and they're from Jack in the Box. Hopefully now that we're more settled I'll be able to buy from Whole Foods or at least from the organic section at the local grocery store.

Also, Felipe and I are hoping to start taking Caleb out for morning walks every morning! And I'm also hoping to start back into basic Pilates before going full swing with P90X. I'm very excited about P90X! I first heard about it when Felipe and I were just dating. Well, a friend suggested that I look on craigslist for the workout and I was able to buy the entire set, unopened, for less than a third of the asking price!

Felipe thinks I'm so sexy and I told him that he'll think I'm even sexier when I think I'm sexy too!


  1. I think you are right what you all describe in the post. Thanks that you shared with us.

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