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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Monies and Supplements

My two sisters just got back from a trip overseas. My younger sister asked me if I wanted any of the bills she came back with. She showed it to me:
It looks slightly more real than Canadian money. But it didn't look tamper-proof. So we thought we'd try making a photo-copy to see if the water marks came through or if the small print was still legible like on American bills.
I think they must have some way to tell a counterfeit from the real deal. But to us Americans they looked pretty much the same except for the electric tape down the middle.

And in more interesting news, my midwife said I needed to be taking a pregnancy vitamin. Well, I was taking them when I was pregnant but I threw them up so I stopped. But now I've started again. Here's a run-down on all the supplements I'm taking:

This is supposed to be very beneficial for retina and brain development.

Then there's this other generic multi- vitamin that I take two each day.

To help with lactation, I take Mother's Milk tea and Fenugreek (2 capsules up to 3x a day):

I haven't been eating as well as I was during the pregnancy because we've been moving. But I have been trying to eat salads and healthy foods even though they're not organic and they're from Jack in the Box. Hopefully now that we're more settled I'll be able to buy from Whole Foods or at least from the organic section at the local grocery store.

Also, Felipe and I are hoping to start taking Caleb out for morning walks every morning! And I'm also hoping to start back into basic Pilates before going full swing with P90X. I'm very excited about P90X! I first heard about it when Felipe and I were just dating. Well, a friend suggested that I look on craigslist for the workout and I was able to buy the entire set, unopened, for less than a third of the asking price!

Felipe thinks I'm so sexy and I told him that he'll think I'm even sexier when I think I'm sexy too!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My husband snores. Sometimes I mind. Sometimes I can sleep through it. In the past I tried poking him to get him to stop snoring but I think this disrupted his sleep cycle and caused him to not get good enough sleep which in turn affected his immune system and he would get sick more often. So, I decided that I was being selfish and I just let him snore now.

Does it bother Caleb at all? Not in the least. That child could sleep through anything. And he loves his daddy.

He loves his daddy so much that he wants to be just like him:

This happens often. It is always so cute.

I urge you, then, be imitators of me. I Corinthians 4:16
Now this verse is out of context and has nothing to do with this post. It's just funny because Caleb imitates Felipe. Felipe and I have even taught Caleb a couple of games. The first one we taught him was a game where we stick our tongues out and back in fast while make a noise. A variation of that is to just hold the tongue out while making the noise or to even move it side to side. Caleb can't quite make the noise, but he is so cute when he imitates our motion! Sometimes, though, he frustrates himself that he can't also make the noise and he starts crying instead. Makes me sad.

Another couple of games we're working on right now is the make an O with your mouth and say "ooooo" which he still can't make the noise, but he gets his mouth in the right shape! And the other game is all Felipe: he taught him how to roll down an incline. It is very cute! He'll be laying there with the pillow slope to his left and he'll just start kicking only his right leg and reaching only his right arm while looking and leaning left. Then he rolls down and Felipe will put him back on top. Then they do it the other direction, which is more difficult for some reason. The last game me taught him is a kissing game. We kiss and move away and make the "mwah" sound. Once again, Caleb does the motion but the noise isn't quite right. But it's still so cute!

These are our special mommy-baby and daddy-baby games.

There is only one another "game" I can recall that Caleb likes to play. He came up with it all on his own and I'm not sure what he likes to call it. Daddy and I call it the My-Name-Is-Caleb-And-I-Like-To-Poop-All-Over-The-Place game. It seems to be rather fun for baby, but requires mommy and daddy to do a lot of cleaning. We have cleaned our sheets three times in the past week. On the plus side, we've discovered that Caleb enjoys the bathtub.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our Father's Love

I was thinking yesterday about how much I love Caleb. It doesn't make any sense. He has only made my life harder. He doesn't do anything for me. Our relationship is one-way right now. I have no promise that it ever will be reciprocated either. But I love him so much and would do anything for him.

I think this is why God refers to himself as "Father". He, too, is giving us so much daily. We have nothing to offer in return that is of any value. God must get so excited for us when we discover our tongues just as I have gotten so excited when little Caleb discovered his tongue. It is not a big accomplishment, but it is the biggest accomplishment of Caleb's short life.

God doesn't refer to himself as dictator or master-chief as someone who is driven to get the most out of us no matter how we feel about it. God calls us his children and the sheep of his hand as someone who cares for another when he cannot care for himself and when he cannot reciprocate. God tells us that we were dead in our sins; dead people are not capable of doing anything. But God saved us when we didn't deserve it and when he knew we could never reciprocate.

8 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, 9 not a result of works, so that no one may boast. Ephesians 2:8-9

So becoming a parent has given me new eyes to see God and be grateful. Caleb is utterly dependent on me as I am utterly dependent on God. I cannot do anything for myself. I cannot save myself. I cannot do anything to maintain my salvation. I do not even know what is best for myself. Caleb cries when I give him a bath or wash his face. I tell him to be brave and it will only last a little while. Maybe there is some cleansing going on in my life right now that I'm crying about that God wants me to be brave and endure for just a little while.

And when Caleb cannot sense my presence, he cries. This is a lesson to me. Do I feel God's presence? Do I yearn for him the way Caleb yearns for me? Caleb needs feeding every few hours. Why do I then think that I can go an entire week between feedings?

Having a child puts everything in a new perspective. And for the ones who love Jesus this new perspective is centered on him and is now more in focus. Getting married showed me much of God's character. Becoming a parent has showed me even more.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Heading to the Birthing Center

Labor pains started Tuesday, May 11 around 7 am. 30 minutes apart for about 45 seconds each.

continuing through the day...around 4pm, contractions are now less than 5 minutes apart and lasting over a minute. They did not progress at all beyond that. All night they stayed with me and didn't let me get any sleep but didn't progress at all either, but by Wednesday morning they were back to half an hour for 45 seconds.

This is Felipe imitating what he thinks Caleb will look like as he's being born:

Most of the night was spent by myself:

Felipe slept. My uterus contracted. I stayed goofy to combat the discomfort and general fear involved in not knowing what's going to happen. At this point I was still having difficulty visualizing my planned water birth and my thoughts were that I would not be able to go through with my plan.

Wednesday night was just as rough and after a lengthy ordeal of not getting past the ten minute mark. Felipe got some castor oil and Thursday morning I downed it with some orange sherbet. ew.
The castor oil kicked in with me vomiting...and Felipe made me this contraption that was very comfortable.
The midwife gave us the go-ahead to make the drive to the birthing center...we stopped by Sonic for some soft ice for me and some stinky food for Felipe! Luckily, Felipe also thought to bring a trash bag.

We finally arrived at the birthing center and the midwife told us to go get some food because I hadn't eaten since Wednesday. So we went to Chick-fil-a but I couldn't keep it down.

We stayed at the center for hours and hours and never progressed past 4 cm and no effacement even with very intense contractions coming every other minute and lasting just as long...occasionally the contractions would let up. We went to a hotel hoping to stay the night. I took a warm bath which did nothing for the discomfort. I tried laying down but it was actually painful. I had some blood that scared me and we went back to the center Friday around midnight or 1am.

We stayed at the center for several hours. I progressed another cm and got nearly completely effaced and stopped progressing. Our midwife decided that since I hadn't eaten since the day before (and had thrown that up) and wasn't getting any fluids and wasn't progressing, I needed to go to the hospital before things got any more dangerous.

I was very fearful of the hospital because I had heard such horror stories about hospitals and pitocin and epidurals...I felt like a failure for not being able to go "all natural". My doctors and nurses at ETMC Tyler were wonderful. Everything went very well. Every doctor and nurse was willing to expel my fears before proceeding.

At one point, when I was getting the epidural, my doctor said, "She's already on her 6th IV?!" Yes, I went through 6 IVs. I have difficulty staying hydrated even when I'm not pregnant. You can imagine how difficult it would be to stay hydrated while in a difficult labor.

Here's before, during, and after the epidural:

Here Felipe is looking at this really cool piece of equipment that we couldn't take our eyes off of...the top bar is the baby's heart rate and the bottom bar is my contractions.

Here's my ob-gyn, Dr. Willis, and my main RN, Aleia:
Then another pic of Dr. Willis as she stitches me back up...
And my baby!

Far left is daddy and baby staring at each other. Top is daddy and baby's matching hospital bracelets, complete with heart snap. Far right is cone-head newborn (staring at daddy!). Bottom is cleaned-up newborn!

Then we had a visit from our pediatrician, Dr. Munda. She was great!
After everything was all over I only had one regret. And that was letting family in the hospital room. If I have to go back and do it again, then I would only change that. For the future though, I would change that and location. I'm hoping the next baby will be delivered at Baylor All-Saints in Fort-Worth.
This was the first picture we had of all three of us. I took it myself the following day.

Since then, our lives have been turned completely upside down. Today I finally figured out why it was so difficult. Felipe said it best, "We can't live selfishly any more." At first, I was single. I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Then I got married. I had to share things with Felipe and learn how to communicate with him. We had to both give up things so to make the other person happy. And now, I have given up my figure, my sleep, my eating habits, my hobbies, my relationships, my emotions for Caleb. And I don't want to have to share with Felipe. But I love Felipe more than I love Caleb. Felipe has been very helpful and understanding. I've done a lot of apologizing. The lack of sleep is the worst, I think, because it drives the others. When I don't get sleep, I get cranky.

Being a parent is frustrating. Felipe said the other day that whenever Caleb gets cranky and cries for no apparent reason (ie when he's eating and suddenly stops and cries because he's so hungry instead of continuing to eat) he thinks about how God must feel with us. We do irrational things instead of just following what God wants us to do. We are completely dependent on God for our nutrition and welfare. Without him interceding completely, we would die. Caleb is completely dependent on us to feed, change, burp, clothe, clean etc. And he requires constant care. It makes me cry that I care for him so much. I cry when he cries. I laugh when he laughs. I want to see him happy. Sometimes it means I make him do things he doesn't want to do (take a bath) because I know that he will be happier after going through the pain of getting wet and cold.

In my thoughts (although I'm not sure if in actual practice), this makes me more enduring of trials because I know that although it seems painful and perhaps even "bad" it is intended for my good. God gives baths too.