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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fun in the Kitchen!

In preparation for little Caleb's arrival, I have decided to cook quite a few meals to have in the freezer ready to be warmed when Felipe and I are just too tired to cook something new. On the outside of each is the name of the dish and some have final prep directions like "20mins at 350."

This is the stuffed pepper insides before they went in:

mmmm, looks so good! I could barely contain myself from eating them right then! And it smelt SO good! I just mixed rice, chicken broth, tomatoes, hamburger, celery, onions, feta, garlic, olive oil...I think that's it. I left the tops off the peppers, but I've heard of other people putting them back on. I needed a couple more peppers and my wonderful husband ran to the store for me! He is so wonderful!

While he was there, he decided he wanted to make me an organic shepherd's pie! So he bought some Organic Potatoes!

Then, he made me Organic Shepherd's Pie with organic corn, grass-fed beef, and organic potatoes. But we couldn't find organic gravy and our attempt to make it was dismal and hopeless. So, it was only a mostly-organic Shepherd's Pie. And now it is in the freezer.

And back to the Stuffed Peppers...tada! Beautiful!

Then, I wanted to make some Challa Bread. I had a recipe once upon a time. But I do not know where it is now. And then when I looked up a recipe online it was different from the one I used before. So what I made is not really Challa Bread it is Lauren's Braided Bread:

It took me two days to eat the whole thing by myself. Felipe also braided a couple of loaves. He made his more narrow and long. But I didn't take pictures. sorry.

More to come. Promise.

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