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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Poop

One should expect to have around 12 wet diapers a day with a new born. Unless that new born is Caleb. He wets considerably less than that. Why is that do you suppose? Well, I will tell you: it is because he doesn't wet in the diapers. He waits until we go to change him and then he pees and poops all over us and not the diapers.

One incident was particularly amusing. Caleb was asleep and I was on the phone with a friend. Caleb woke up and needed a change. He was so upset. He wanted to be changed NOW! I just wasn't moving fast enough for him. He must have known who I was on the phone with because as soon as I opened his diaper he started peeing but his aim was perfectly centered on the stuffed lion that this particular friend had given him. Nothing else was hit.

After I washed the lion, this is him drying in the hall:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fun in the Kitchen!

In preparation for little Caleb's arrival, I have decided to cook quite a few meals to have in the freezer ready to be warmed when Felipe and I are just too tired to cook something new. On the outside of each is the name of the dish and some have final prep directions like "20mins at 350."

This is the stuffed pepper insides before they went in:

mmmm, looks so good! I could barely contain myself from eating them right then! And it smelt SO good! I just mixed rice, chicken broth, tomatoes, hamburger, celery, onions, feta, garlic, olive oil...I think that's it. I left the tops off the peppers, but I've heard of other people putting them back on. I needed a couple more peppers and my wonderful husband ran to the store for me! He is so wonderful!

While he was there, he decided he wanted to make me an organic shepherd's pie! So he bought some Organic Potatoes!

Then, he made me Organic Shepherd's Pie with organic corn, grass-fed beef, and organic potatoes. But we couldn't find organic gravy and our attempt to make it was dismal and hopeless. So, it was only a mostly-organic Shepherd's Pie. And now it is in the freezer.

And back to the Stuffed Peppers...tada! Beautiful!

Then, I wanted to make some Challa Bread. I had a recipe once upon a time. But I do not know where it is now. And then when I looked up a recipe online it was different from the one I used before. So what I made is not really Challa Bread it is Lauren's Braided Bread:

It took me two days to eat the whole thing by myself. Felipe also braided a couple of loaves. He made his more narrow and long. But I didn't take pictures. sorry.

More to come. Promise.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beauty in Our Yard

We have a nice apartment. It's cheap. And it needs much work. But behind the yard is a wild field. And it is full of flowers for me to take pictures!

And of course, this reminds me of a Bible can looking at God's creation not remind one of God?!

The grass withers, the flower fades,
but the word of our God will stand forever.

Isaiah 40:8

Our backyard is beautiful. But like everything else on earth, it will not remain. Jesus is the only thing that matters. For those of us who know that Jesus is God, our life has meaning. We are here to glorify God and enjoy him forever. His creation glorifies him and I enjoy God through his creation. In the first chapter of John, Jesus is depicted as being with God in the beginning and the means by which God created everything that exists. God the Father glorifies the Son and honors him above all creation. The Son glorifies the Father and the Spirit as equals and all are somehow a Trinity Godhead. We are told that God is One. And we can see that God reveres his Son as God and even calls Jesus God. Through several passages we can see the Holy Spirit revered as God too; both in baptism, when Jesus is baptized and when Jesus tells us to baptize.

Whenever I refer to Jesus, I know I'm talking about God. And whenever I talk about God, I know Jesus is included there. When I talk to Caleb about Jesus and verses like Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord, I explain what "Christ Jesus our Lord" means.

Christ means Messiah; he is our Savior. We can only acknowledge a Savior if we are in need of saving. What are we in need of saving from? We are in need of saving from our sin. Even little Caleb's heart is not right before God. It is not in deed or action that drives us away from God. It is the state of our heart. Our hearts are not God-centered. This is what sin is. Sin is the state of being away from God. But God has been gracious and has sent us a way to be reconciled to himself, namely Jesus.

Jesus is in reference to the man Jesus who is also the God-head Jesus. So far we have a need of saving, a Savior, and a name for that Savior. We can believe all this but unless we then make him Lord of our lives it is just a belief in a historical figure like Nostradamus or Galileo. But when you add that one must submit to God, that changes one's life. I can live my entire life believing in some "higher consciousness" but if he just remains "out there" and never comes to reign in one's daily life, then that higher consciousness could be Buddha, or a Ouija Board, or a fortune cookie.

Only once you acknowledge that the Jesus of the Bible is God and submit to his design for your life will you receive that peace that passes understanding. You could be baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, episcopalian, or some other denomination of Christianity and still not believe in the God of the Bible. I think the litmus test sounds something like this: do I believe what the Bible says, or do I say "If the Bible doesn't mean what I think it means, then I can't believe in that God."

The beauty of God is in more than his creation. Although his creation is beautiful, God is more than his creation. He invites us to live with him and his beauty forever. There isn't anything we need to do to obtain our state. Nothing we need to continue to do to maintain our state once there. It is all Jesus. Anything more than just Jesus is more than God has established.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Family Fun Night - Avatar edition!

Everyone's talking about Avatar. But Felipe and I hadn't seen it. So we were going to wait for it to be in Redbox...but it was taking too long. So we bought it. And it was awesome. We turned it into an Event of Epic Proportions. We even bought a Stouffer's Lasagna to eat. I was going to make lasagna but Felipe wanted it NOW. haha! I even called my mom for the recipe and she thought I was calling to say "It's baby time!" Felipe even wanted me to start out saying "Ohmygoodness! Ohmygoodness!" and then ask her, but I thought that would be too mean. But I didn't make it after all and the frozen lasagna was very good.

[I just want to throw in here that I thought "Titanic" was one of the worst movies I'd ever seen. I have no idea how it got so many awards. I thought it was going to be a total flop, but apparently the rest of America disagreed with me.]

Back to the Event of Epic Proportions...there was Mt. Dew Throwback! The stuff is epically awesome. I don't like syrup-version of Mt. Dew. Sugar-version of Mt. Dew is EPIC. Check out that guy's hat! It's epic...

Ok, enough of "epic" I promise.

But this salad I made was very good. Simply spinach, strawberries, feta, and raspberry walnut dressing. mmmm!
And I must admit, I snuck a snack before the movie began...not healthy at all.

But before we watched, Felipe showed me a fun trick he was working on: