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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Receiving Blanket

I made a blanket for Caleb! It did not turn out the way I had imagined. But I think it is okay anyway.

I wanted it to be Calvin & Hobbes (of course). So I had to go buy some more iron-on paper. I wanted to also buy some mittens and socks and a hat to bring him home in, but maybe that isn't a good idea since it will be May and possibly a warm day.

Here's the process pic:
And the final product:

The edges will fray on their own. I wish I had done the image smaller. I think I'm the only one who cares, though. Have you ever had a moment where you were so consumed with some detail only to realize later that no one else on the planet even cares? It is actually a very good realization. I have to remind my very hormonal self that I'm not making things because I want other people to enjoy them; I'm making things because I enjoy them. And if I spend all this time fretting over who else likes it and who else doesn't like it, then I won't be able to enjoy it at all! Caleb certainly won't be able to tell the difference.

But, alas, I still do not like it. So, Felipe's aunt, Elizabeth, gave us a very beautiful layette set that I am going to use for Caleb's coming home outfit. It has a very cute onesie and hat and receiving blanket. It's perfect! I love it so much better!!

And in other news, Caleb's daddy bought a new book. It is called Baby Owner's Manual:

It has very clever diagrams and witty instructions without all the "flowery words" (as Felipe calls them) that books designed for mommies have. Felipe says this is a book for daddies. I love how much he cares and how much he is involved with the baby stuff. A lot of women don't have that and this reminds me to be very appreciative to God and to Felipe.

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