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Friday, April 23, 2010

First Load of Baby Clothing!

I wonder if there is any comparison between the excitement I feel about Caleb and the excitement God feels whenever a person is first saved. I'm sure there isn't. God's delight and happiness over eternal life outweighs my excitement about Caleb's birth by about a billion percent.

Becoming a parent, like becoming a bride, has given me new eyes to see God. He calls himself our Father and elsewhere he calls himself our Husband. Understanding what it's like to seek to serve someone the way a wife seeks to serve her husband shows me how I should have been living toward God all along. Now, becoming a mother, shows me the excitement that God feels about having a child. How he loves and cherishes and makes plans for that child. It must be devastating to watch as your child makes bad decision after bad decision. And it must be wonderful to watch as your child grows and responds to knowledge and happiness and life.

I want Caleb to be a baby for as long as he needs to be a baby. But I also want him to grow up. I want him to learn to speak and to walk and to tie his shoes. I want him to be able to cry when he's wet or hungry but I also want him to eventually be able to fix himself a sandwich. I want to teach him so much. It is very tempting to whip out the diffy-q books while he's still nursing...but perhaps I should teach him to count first. There's so much to enjoy in life and I want to share it all with him. It is very fun to anticipate how he will discover things and develop. What will his interests be? What will be his favorite color? Will he be mild or ferocious? All I know right now is that he really likes to dig his toes into my ribs and give me indigestion. I'm really hoping that that stops in about two weeks. TWO WEEKS! I cannot believe I am going to be a mommy in two weeks. I get tears just thinking about it.

So all those onesies and cutesy baby outfits went into the washer the other day:
So cute! I wanted to make sure there was nothing on them that posed a threat to the baby. Of course, there's no way to be 100% sure. I'm not paranoid, but I can wash clothes before putting them on the baby.

Of course, after cleaning all the clothing, the only natural thing to do was to put all the clothing on the sleeping daddy!!!
Notice the stuffed animal friends who joined this picture...

Please look at the camera as I push all the clothing on your head...Thank you :)

Felipe's a good sport about all my excitement. He usually sleeps right through it. But he doesn't have a baby kicking his diaphragm all night...And Brackston Hicks is a jerk for inventing these false contractions. (I know he didn't invent them, they're just named after him.)

I wonder if Felipe has any new spiritual insights since getting married and becoming a daddy.

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