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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day at the Arcade!

During spring break, Felipe and I went to the mall in Arlington. It's been great fun to wander through the stores and halls waiting for Caleb to drop...I've got about a month to go!

There's an arcade in this mall and as we approach that area Felipe says, "Let's go in, Mama. I'm going to win you a stuffed animal." So we go in.

We exchange some dollars for some coins. Then, we hit up the skee-ball.

Some basket-ball...

Back over to skee-ball...where we found someone had abandoned a bunch of tickets. At one point we played "Deal or No Deal" (not my idea)...I protested by not taking any pictures.

I did play skee-ball, though!

We ended our arcade trip with a little brown creature with green hair...allegedly he's a beaver:

It was a fun time. I would never have thought to go into a mall arcade...or any arcade. But my husband has that Y-chromosome that leads him to all sorts of places that I'd never think to go on my own.

He's also very loving. Often he'll take me to a store that he knows that I like and will say, "Ok, you have a $50 limit. Go." And then I get to pick out anything I want as long as it's less than $50. It always makes me feel so pretty and loved. I think a lot more wives would spend less on themselves and futility if they knew that on occasion their husbands were going to surprise them with a spending gift. It's always more fun to spend money when he's around then when I'm by myself. It seems like a gift from him even though we're both employed, making the same salary. I still see him as the provider. He has the final say-so and he isn't afraid to say no to me. But I'm also not greedy to always ask for stupid things...and we have a budget.

I love serving Felipe. If I get toward evening and I feel that I haven't adequately served him I always ask him if there's anything I can do for him. And besides the obvious, sometimes it's just a glass of water, but the other night it was a massage. Luckily, my mom bought me this little tool:
for Christmas one year...I think. Or maybe this is one I bought myself...I can't remember now. But that's besides the point (Don't you hate it when someone gets so caught up in a trivial point that they lose focus of the story?). So, anyway, I massaged my husband to sleep. It was wonderful. I love loving him.

This furthers my idea that God gave me marriage to show me more about himself. Usually, I live day to day just doing whatever the day brings. If a good deed presents itself, I may or may not act on it. But perhaps, just like how I seek out ways to love my husband, I should seek out way to love God. Maybe instead of waiting to see someone in need, I should seek out someone in need? Just an idea. I don't know how to do it though.

In other news, Caleb's little butt is so cute when it sticks out of my belly. And recently I have discovered that I can bounce it up and down in the amniotic fluid. I think he likes it. I hope he likes it, anyway. I also walk my fingers over his spine in a sort-of baby/fetus massage. His daddy likes it when I do that to him, so I thought maybe baby/fetus Caleb would like it too.

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