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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Crib

At our baby shower we received Caleb's crib which a is Graco Pack and Play. It was very much fun to unpack it and put it together! Everything about it is so cute!

This is mobile that came with it.

Felipe put the play-yard together:

A brief stop to study the instructions...

turns out, the instructions weren't any help. Luckily the engineers made it all intuitive.
This is Felipe's finished product:

But...something is missing. So this is when Mommy put on the finishing touch!
This is the mobile in progress...
And the Mommy-Daddy-compilation-crib-final-product:

It's so beautiful! Can't you just imagine little Caleb sleeping down there?! I can! I stay up until midnight just imagining it...I just get too excited to go to sleep!

One of my favorite gifts is the froggy bathtub:
How cute is that! Froggy Baths!

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