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Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Baby Creations!

First, I made a couple more onesies. I think they're adorable:

Then I got down to business and finished the baby book. I ironed everything and cut the materials and laid out how things ought to look when they are finished, and pinned the center where the joining stitches needed to go:

Then I surged the edges. There are a few ways to make the pages. I could have turned the pages right sides facing each other and then sewed them and turned them back right facing so no edges showed. I also could have stuffed the pages with some foam or stuffing. But I decided to go with the surged edge because of how neat it looks and interesting it feels. I didn't do any stuffing because I didn't want the book to be too thick.

This is the entire book:

The best part is the back cover that says "A Germ Cell Production". I thought everyone knew what germ cells where but apparently it is not commonly known. So follow this link to get educated! This book is an abbreviated version of my original because the original was too long for a cloth book. The original was complete with me being quite sick:

I feel so accomplished today. It is so much fun to have a baby. Felipe was commenting to me how having a baby right away has kept us from becoming too selfish. He was saying that because we're having to share everything with Caleb now, we aren't able to get used to a life with just the two of us for the next six years and then have a child when it's convenient. In stead, we've left creating babies to the Creator and allowed him to create as he has chosen. We have faith that God is not going to create something he doesn't want. He has given us free will and we have freely chosen to allow God to reign in our lives. It is comforting to know that children are from God and not from sex. Yes, he uses sex, but how many times do people have sex compared to how many children they have? How many people simply aren't able to ever have babies? And then there was that one time when that girl got pregnant and she didn't even have ANY sex! (remember...?)

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