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Saturday, February 6, 2010

You Must Exercise!

I know that I need to exercise and stretch, but it can be so discouraging when this baby interferes with my range of motion. I don't have any prenatal workout dvds so I've been renting them from Netflix. So far I haven't found one that was "just perfect". I've tried a lot! I think I will just have to come up with my own routine.

Last night I sat down with my exercise books and started writing down ideas for my own routine. I think next I will pick out some music to go along with my routine and record myself onto my mac. Then, I'll dub in my voice telling myself what I'm doing. The completed work will allow me to go through a whole routine exactly how I want it, using exactly the equipment I have, without any voodoo mysticism that some of these dvds have had! ***This will be for personal use; don't expect to ever see this video. ha! too embarrassing!

I'd like to eventually be able to start a women's group where we can combine exercise and Bible study. The mother of my flower-girls from my wedding used to run a similar group out of her church, which gave me the idea. The group of women meet for about a 45min aerobic routine and then settle down to have a 30min devotion time. Wouldn't that be wonderful?! Some of the mothers were homeschoolers and their older children were paid to watch the younger ones during the group time.

For the first two years after they started, the group was pretty small, never more than 10. But after those first couple of years, the group really took off and would sometimes have as many as 50 people there. The church was pretty big and could accommodate the group.

I don't know if other women are excited about health and fitness as I am, though. My idea would be to have about 10min stretch, 10min warm-up, 15min aerobics, 10min cool-down, 30min devotional. I don't think the devotional should be something as heavy as Grudem's Systematic Theology, but I think Power of a Praying Wife would be a good book and relevant to the attenders.

And in other news, I found this old-timey ad!

Of course, if you're eating all the right fruits and vegetables you won't need supplements. However, sometimes I just can't eat ALL that's required to get ALL the needed nutrients and vitamins. So, I take vitamins for that extra pep! I take PEP vitamins!

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